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Courtesy of Jalopnik and Autoguide, we have an exterior shot of the Jeep Renegade in non-Trailhawk trim, as well as an interior shot. Gallery below.

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36 Comments on “Here’s What Most Jeep Renegades Will Look Like...”

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    Cars like this always intrigue me as a potential replacement for my xB.

    Then I come to my senses and realize they will end up 700-1000lbs heavier. (3100 lbs is my guesstimate for this.)

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    As a owner of a real Renegade, I’m not crazy about the Renegade name being applied to this.

    But, I like this a lot better then the last two small Jeeps. I think the next car we get is going to be something small, efficient, and I’m seriously thinking Fiat 500 or Spark. I like this though; small, practical, certainly better looking then a Spark. Be interesting to see how this is priced though (probably too high) and how they go on the used market.

    The reuglar Cherokee looks pretty blah compared to it’s trail-hawk version, but this one, I could probably do base-model.

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    From the picture, the interior seems an upgrade from current cheep Jeeps. I reserve right to change my mind after seeing materials and panel fits in person…

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    I actually really like this little guy. Could be an awesome VT commuter for me.

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    Zekele Ibo

    That’s no Jeep. It’s a fake. A Fiat in a cowboy outfit.

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    Looks a bit like a Kia Soul.

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    since when does 2 pictures constitute a gallery?

    or am i missing something very obvious?

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    The dimensions of this and the new Kia Soul are VERY similar. I guess it is the Soul with more soul. They knocked out the design, especially compared to how disfigured its Fiat 500L cousin looks.

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    Looks like Japanese Kei car x1,3 with home made “Jeep” front end.
    Just not good looking enough, like some recent Hondas and…Aztek.

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    I’m unclear about the Renegade. I know this is the “baby” Jeep, but I thought it was going to be in addition to the Compass/Patriot replacement. Lately I don’t hear anything about the latter.

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    I’ve been looking at importing a Jimny to do commuter duty instead of the Delica. This comes very close to offering the same style in a more practical package. Plus independent suspension instead of solid axles.

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    I kinda like it. It certainly looks better than the Cherokee.

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    Jeep, shmeep, I don’t care what the new Renegade will be or look like. Bring out the hamsters. What I want to know is this:

    If TTAC is the Truth about cars, why does Jalopnik always scoop TTAC on any new auto developments? Is it because of Gawker or something? It’s gotta hurt JB & co. always having to credit a “competitor”, although I use that term VERY loosely.

    I’d like to know…

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    It reminds me of the late, lamented Honda Element. The Element had a variety of features that made it excellent for camping and biking, including the ability to fully recline the front and rear seats. It’s hard to tell if this comparable in size, but I always wished that Jeep would build something that had the underpinnings and power of a Jeep with the capacity and clever features of the Element. Maybe this is it?

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      Traditional Jeep underpinnings would take up all of the space that Honda used to make the Element’s interior work so well. That’s the problem with real off-road hardware — it takes a LOT of space under the floor. Have you been inside the revered XJ? It’s really pretty tiny in there.

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        I had an XJ and an Element. The XJ WAS small inside. When I wanted to haul something, I usually took the Element, but the Jeep was the one for towing or pulling stumps or such. However, Jeep has moved on from straight axles to this new “no transfer case 4WD” and that might change some interior dimensions (though the Cherokee still lacks interior space). It will be interesting to see the cargo space in the Renegade. I do think that Jeep should stop using old Jeep monikers for such completely new cars. It seems to irk people rather than make them think, “Gee, that reminds me of my ol’ Renegade.”

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    This article was already sorta posted yesterday, but it had more photos and more information than this one. So I dunno about the point of this article.

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    Also I shall comment this looks very “Indian market” ready.

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    It looks like a PowerWheels car.

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    Very Fiat Panda-like. Which is a good thing. Guaranteed, you will actually be able to use the back seat. Even if the AWD system is rudimentary, I expect they will sell a pile of these. Cute sells. Cute and capable sells even more. Hopefully Fiat sticks one of their new, nicely updated interiors into it – from the photo it looks fairly promising. So far, I like it.

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    I don’t like holes in the roof. It’s not a “deal-breaker”, but it’s a demerit because of the reduction in headroom and because I’m going to have cargo on top about every time when I could open the holes.

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    That’s one ugly looking little car…and I say that very rarely when looking at cars. I think I’m one of the few people who looked at a Panamera, Crosstour or the new Cherokee and thought “It’s not that bad looking, don’t see what all the fuss is about.

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    I’ll admit it, this is starting to grow on me.

    No, I will not be trading in my ’12 JK Wrangler 2 door for it (I love the Pentastar and the Jeep in general) but this makes sense since a Wrangler isn’t for everybody and the Compass/Patriot are pretty much rental spec. Perfect case in point; my female friend. She loves Wranglers, has driven them on her vacations and she thinks they’re fun. However, she wouldn’t get one because in her words they are “bouncy” which she’s right. Also cargo capacity is a joke if you have a 2 door like me. Not a big deal if you’re single and shop accordingly. Otherwise, yeah it’s a pain. I daily mine, I love it’s 285 hp, small size (a blessing in San Diego traffic) ease of parking (again a virtue in San Diego) and reasonable fuel economy. Plus I use it off the beaten trail and when I want to mess around with my vintage cameras, it works perfect as a photog’s companion. I can deal with it’s basic nature and rougher ride.

    Now, going back to my friend, this would be right up her alley. The ride would be much better over my JK, but still would have the size advantage of my JK (and then some) get better MPG and it would still be able to get a bit off road- just don’t follow my Wrangler! Also I see this being a hit with bicyclists and similar folks.

    Plus the way I think about it is this:

    Sell these to people to the people who don’t need a real Jeep or those who are building up CJ’s/YJ’s/TJ’s and JK’s into hardcore off roaders and need a daily but don’t want a CUV that has no off road prowess and let the profit go into the RD for the image Jeeps like the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee.

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    It took me a day, but now I see it. It’s a freekin modern Renault 4.

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    It looks like a more butch Honda Element…

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