Former W.A.S.P. Guitarist Chris Holmes' 1987 Trans Am Can Be Yours

W Christian Mental Ward
by W Christian Mental Ward
former w a s p guitarist chris holmes 1987 trans am can be yours

The folks over at picked up on a recent craigslist post that Chris Holmes, a founding member and guitarist for the 80’s hair band W.A.S.P. until 1990, is selling his “baby.” He will not be taking his 1987 Trans Am and has apparently already left the United States.

The 56 year-old is pursuing opportunities in Europe and while the folks at have a rather amusing take on that, we are car people. As such, we will focus on this rock-star quality ride.\

Last fall, TTAC covered Sir Mix-A-Lot’s infamous “Blurple” Gemballa 935 being offered to the public. This offering is in slightly inferior condition, but the price is right.

The seller believes this to be a high performance small block Chevy. It is not without issues.

“The car starts by turning on an electric fuel pump, then a switch starts the engine. It does sound pretty badass once it starts! There is a trunk key, but I do not believe there is a lock. The hood has to be propped up.”

The seller is admittedly not a car person and a little under informed as to the exact nature of the car’s mechanical state. But is quite honest is the description;

“Chris kept this car running piecemeal for many years.”

If not a little overly optimistic about the cars potential;

‘I have seen cars in worse condition turn out to be real showpieces. With some TLC, this car would finish out real nice”

Parties interested in owning $1500 of 80’s Hair Metal history should contact the seller via the craigslist ad.

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