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Former General Motors CEO Dan Akerson has been named Vice Chairman to the private-equity firm Carlyle Group’s board of directors, where he will act as special adviser to the firm’s investment teams, managment and the board itself.

Bloomberg reports Akerson returned to Carlyle March 1, having headed the firm’s global buyouts and co-headed the U.S. buyouts divisions prior to steering General Motors out of bankruptcy beginning in 2009. His history with the company goes back to the 1980s when Akerson was both COO and president of MCI; one of the firm’s co-founders, William Conway, was CFO at the telecommunications company.

Carlyle board chairman and co-founder Daniel D’Aniello believes Akerson’s return will prove beneficial overall to the firm:

His remarkable depth of leadership experience will be a great asset to the board and our investment teams.

Carlyle oversees $189 billion in assets, conducting leveraged buyouts in telecommunications, transportation, and health care industries among others. The firm also oversees real estate, credit and hedge funds.

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    But it looks like the blue-haired ladies got their fill of the Verano:

    Fantastic deals on the ATS – $6500 off.

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      I didn’t visit a dealer but I wonder if that $6500 was only certain parts of the country. I toyed with the idea of a Verano lease and the connecting Cadillac dealer’s website did not advertise anything close to this figure in incentives when I checked in Feb. If I missed out I missed out but I had $2K credit on my GM card at the time and get a supplier discount, could have cleaned up on one of those four pot fake Caddys.

      Oh this is delicious. MY13 ATS 2.5 I4 base, MSRP $33095, Invoice $31275 and its doing:

      02/10/14 ORLANDO $23,600 7,613 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes
      02/10/14 ORLANDO $23,800 8,939 Avg GRAY 4G A Yes
      02/21/14 PA Lease $22,400 9,443 Avg SILVER 4G P Yes
      03/13/14 TAMPA Lease $19,200 10,135 Below WHITE 4GT A No
      03/04/14 OHIO Regular $22,500 21,591 Avg BLACK 4G A Yes

      Even I am a little surprised, esp since base MY13 Veranos are doing 16s and 17s, not bad for a plucky 23K+dest msrp domestic car. I’ve seen them retailing -and selling- for $19,999:

      03/13/14 DETROIT Lease $16,300 10,805 Below GRAY 4G A Yes
      02/28/14 PA Regular $17,600 11,306 Above BLUE 4G P Yes
      03/12/14 NJ Regular $16,800 12,321 Avg SILVR 4G A Yes
      02/18/14 DENVER Lease $16,800 12,814 Avg BLACK 4G P Yes

      Look for 20K values quick on MY13 ATS, esp if GM is opening the floodgates on MY14 with $6500 in incentives. S*it RenCen just price it at $26+dest no incentives and call it a day. I like the way the car drives but in the minds of avg people its just a tad more credible than the Acura Cimmaron.

      Additional: More proof Cadillac buyers want a V6/V8. Only two recorded sales of a 2WD V6 ATS “Luxury” trim, one probably being a factory sale:

      02/01/13 PA Regular $37,500 2,808 Avg WHITE 6G A No
      12/05/13 DETROIT $28,700 106 Avg SILVER 6G A

      Still worlds better than the 22s the I4 RWD is putting out, heck one went for big money. V6 AWDs also putting up numbers:

      12/05/13 DETROIT $30,900 661 Above WHITE 6ET A Yes
      01/10/14 PA Regular $27,200 8,707 Avg SILVER 6G P Yes
      02/12/14 MILWAUKE Lease $29,000 5,904 Avg BLACK 6G A Yes
      02/13/14 DETROIT $27,500 13,198 Avg SILVER 6G A Yes
      03/05/14 NASHVILL Lease $28,000 20,669 Avg BLACK 6G A Yes

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    Did he not need to state on his job application what his last job was an reason for leaving (being fired)?

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    Isnt that where all the CEO’s wind up? Now we know how dirty he is. At least it’s not Blackwater, I mean Academi. Or Craft international.

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    Carlyle, based in DC, is perhaps the best politically connected of the private equity folks. Lately they’ve been buying trailer parks which is a good insight into where the economy is heading long term.

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    I’m reading this Akerson move as something to do with his experience/connections/know-how regarding China. Maybe I’m off base.

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    As the acerbic butler played brilliantly by Denholm Elliot in “Trading Places” said — ‘what a scumbag.’

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    Well, hopefully, Akerson will have to testify at the various congressional inquiries into the GM ignition switch hoohah. You know, so he can deny ever having heard of the problem, which is probably true since his modus operandi was to lecture rather than to listen. Perhaps he can also give the lawmakers a few tips on how to run government during his testimony. Why waste the opportunity for further lecturing?

    He certainly stuck Barra with a thorny problem. This is a great summary of things so far:

    I do sense a change in attitude at GM.

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