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ADAC Golden Angel

German auto club Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club e.V., or ADAC, may no longer bestow their annual Yellow Angel Award after the club admitted to vote rigging.

Automotive News reports that ADAC’s communications director, Michael Ramstetter, resigned from his post after confessing he manipulated the results of the Yellow Angel Award — given to what the auto club considers as Germany’s favorite car, providing a boost in sales to the winner — to favor the Volkswagen Golf. Through Ramstetter’s actions, the Golf received 34,299 votes to take the prize; the hatch actually received 3,409 votes from the club’s 18 million members.

Club president Peter Meyer said the Yellow Angel has no future, leading to speculation that the annual prize may be scrapped. The rigging also has critics calling into question the validity of ADAC’s car safety testing, and the club’s overall credibility.

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9 Comments on “Rigged Voting May Lead ADAC To Scrap Annual Award...”

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    Gasp. A club with a urine-colored award that I NEVER heard of exists, (let alone is in trouble).

    Lucite-award-trophy-makers stocks drops 20% on the news.

    Marketability of the color yellow is impaired.

    Photo is taken of a child on a helicopter in a field–moments before crying–is taken.

    Rented helicopter is subsequently repainted to match logo colors of Herr Bark-Poo, German dog-food producer.

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    This might explain why the rating such as those from ADAC differ so much form what you see from WhatCar (A British magazine).

    Compare the ADAC statistics:

    To those of WhatCar:

    I know the measures are not completely identical, but it is worth noting how German cars dominate the German survey while the Japanese car makers Honda/Toyota/Lexus are on top in England. These are neighboring countries so one should not expect such a big difference.

    Take the car maker Mini as an example. It is middle field in England, but at the top in the German survey!

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      The Yellow Angel Award has nothing to do with reliability. It’s basically a member-voted car of the year award, similar to what Motor Trend etc hands out.

      It seems that the Golf actually did get the most votes but Ramstetter was padding the numbers to make ADAC look good (3400 votes doesn’t look like very much).

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    Is this why VW was considered a reliable and trouble-free car in europe?

    Oh, boy, ADAC and manufacturers really must hate the internet and the ability of simple people without newspaper organizations to voice their opinion.

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    What car came in second, and was that rigged as well?

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    Gardiner Westbound

    A rigged Car of the Year award! Tell me it isn’t so.

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    I don’t know who ADAC is but in general all these “Car of the Year” awards are not that important to buyers and the general public. Maybe to magazines advertising budget but that’s about it.

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      ADAC is an auto club, equivalent to AAA in the US.

      (If you are a AAA member visiting Germany, ADAC and the other German auto clubs will honor your membership. Bring your card if you have one.)

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    adac must have a lot of money as they also conduct ncap testing which as far as i know, isnt common with roadside assist organisations

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