"Perfect Result": 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Passes Moose Test

Ronnie Schreiber
by Ronnie Schreiber
perfect result 2014 jeep grand cherokee passes moose test

You may recall that a couple of years ago there was a mild brouhaha when Sweden’s Teknikens Värld said that the 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee failed the publication’s “moose test” in a dangerous manner, almost rolling over when performing the accident avoidance maneuver. At speeds as low as 37.9 mph (61 kmh) the ’12 Grand Cherokee lifted its inside wheels without any intervention by the vehicle’s electronic stability and anti-rollover systems. Since then, the Grand Cherokee has been completely redesigned and as part of a comparison test of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0 CRD, the BMW X5 and the Range Rover Sport for their February 2014 issue, Teknikens Värld put the 2014 JGC through their moose test. They were “delighted” to report that the new Grand Cherokee, loaded according to its Swedish certificate of registration (6,501 lbs), passed the test with flying colors, “a perfect result for a big car” is how they described the test. The video won’t embed here so you’ll have to visit the Teknikens Värld website to check out how the 2014 edition of the SUV’s nannies keep all four wheels on the ground.

The magazine reports that the traction control system on the ’14 JGC is activated early and reacts aggressively, slowing the car dramatically even at a low corner entry speed of 61 kmh. At higher speeds the system works even more proactively. The highest speed at which the ’14 JGC passed the moose test was 71 kmh (44.1 mph), which Teknikens Värld calls “a good result for a SUV”. Actually, in the video they say that it was a “perfect result” for a large vehicle.

The 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee failing Teknikens Värld’s moose test.

When the 2012 Grand Cherokee failed the moose test, the video went viral with millions of views. In part that was due to the dramatic failure mode, we don’t often see cars on two wheels outside of daredevil shows. No doubt, also, the cervine moniker had something to do with it as well. Moose are inherently funny and attention getting. Jay Ward certainly knew that. Teknikens Värld did the right thing and issued a press release specifically about the new Grand Cherokee’s passing the moose test with flying colors, but I doubt the new video will get as much attention as the old one.

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  • White Shadow White Shadow on Jan 03, 2014

    The Grand Cherokee has been completely redesigned? LOL...okay, bud. Sorry, but it's a facelift at best, not anything even closely resembling a complete redesign. It's pretty much the same old Grand Cherokee with some cosmetic revisions, a new 8-speed automatic transmission (for the V6 model) and some new infotainment stuff.

  • AJ AJ on Jan 05, 2014

    I understand the need for stability control as not everyone are expert drivers, or at least aware of vehicle stability. In the end, it's all about insurance rates for us all (and lives, of course). I drive a lifted Wrangler, and I take great care of the steering wheel on the highway. My wife occasionally drives it, such as on long trips when she helps me out by letting me relax, and I'm all over her about being super careful as the Jeep would easily roll if she swerved. I would hope with the Grand Cherokee that it can be disabled for off-road use? One time I rented a Kia and I actually got stuck in snow on gravel with it's stability control on, and I had to figure out how to turn it off to get going.

  • Tassos ask me if I care.
  • ToolGuy • Nice vehicle, reasonable price, good writeup. I like your ALL CAPS. 🙂"my mid-trim EX tester is saddled with dummy buttons for a function that’s not there"• If you press the Dummy button, does a narcissist show up spouting grandiose comments? Lol.
  • MaintenanceCosts These are everywhere around here. I'm not sure the extra power over a CR-V hybrid is worth the fragile interior materials and the Kia dealership experience.
  • MaintenanceCosts It's such a shame about the unusable ergonomics. I kind of like the looks of this Camaro and by all accounts it's the best-driving of the current generation of ponycars. A manual 2SS would be a really fun toy if only I could see out of it enough to drive safely.
  • ToolGuy Gut feel: It won't sell all that well as a new vehicle, but will be wildly popular in the used market 12.5 years from now.(See FJ Cruiser)