NLRB Rules Against Anti-Union VW Employees

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
nlrb rules against anti union vw employees

Reuters is reporting that the office of the General Counsel for the National Labor Relations Board has recommended that allegations brought by employees at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga plant be dismissed.

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga involving the UAW’s attempted organization of the plant involves eight VW’s hourly employees alleging that

“…the UAW coerced them and misled them to sign cards approving the union’s representation of them. Also, four workers alleged that VW, through a German union representative who sits on the company’s supervisory board, threatened them by linking approval of the UAW as union representatives to future work at the plant.”

According to Reuters, the recommendation to dismiss the allegations will now go to a regional panel, but the workers are planning on appealing the ruling. The allegations stem from an incident that the workers allege involved duplicitous practicing regarding union cards. Observers say that if the ruling is upheld, it could pave the way for a worker vote on UAW representation.

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  • Talegator Talegator on Jan 25, 2014

    This battle is far from over. After more than 30 years of neoliberalism and corrupt corporate controlled government, Americans are waking up and shifting slightly to the left. The NRTW ( funded by the grotesquely wealthy) is well aware of this trend and will spend whatever it takes to squash this movement, as is evident here (We're talking about EIGHT employees!). Unfortunately for them the genie is out of the bottle and many Americans have realized that "supply side economics" and the "less government lower taxes" facade are never going to resurrect the "American Dream"! Organized labour can be a very powerful force and the fact that Unions are are coming together globally scares the hell out the Koch brothers and the uber rich, and they will forfeit BILLIONS to keep the status quo. It is obvious that the significance of this battle and the powerful people behind it are beyond the scope of the many commenters on this site. I would suggest that a dive into American history and the elimination of the corporate controlled main stream media in your diet is in order.

  • JD321 JD321 on Jan 25, 2014

    The whole idea behind "Republican" and "Democrat" gangs is to heard the tax cattle into two squabbling factions. When the tax cattle are fighting each other, their owners have nothing to worry about. It is shocking how well that works for them...Still.

  • Jim brewer Jim brewer on Jan 26, 2014

    My my. People get awfully exercised at the prospect that someone who assembles the cars in which we entrust our lives gets $17 dollars an hour. I'm kind of thinking that is pretty difficult to intimidate and coerce blue collar guys in Tennessee. P.S. a street named after Ferdinand? A heavily unionized european company that gets all bent out of joint at the prospect of American unions? What a screwed up company. No wonder their cars stink.

  • Boxerman Boxerman on Jan 26, 2014

    The whole thing is very simple. 55% of people are employed by small and medium sized businesses. These companies now pay between state federal city etc over 50% in taxes and in NYC 63%. If youy want middle class jobs its not going to come from big corporations, they are getting efficient using mechanization etc. Yes they may employ a few more here an there, but it wont soleve the issue. How many people does it take to run a steel mill these days or build a car, compared to say 50 years ago. High paying or good payting jobs come when there is excess demand for employess over what is available. We have to stop hampering inovation. That means stop favring big enties and allow small ones to grow. Currently big corps have the scale to ousource and have profits offshore. Smmall companues which actualy do the employing pay huge taxes and local labor rates. Allow these companies to grow. Instead like europe we are taxing and legislaying small enterprise out of exstance, or certainly removing the desire to start a company as opposed to workig for a big corporation or gov. Look at the regularory enviroment in Europe and the tax rate, you will see a corolation to the chronicaly high unemployment rate. One again big companies and entities will not create the good paying jobs. What is needed is an enviromet conductive to small and medium buisness. As to the 1%, the real villans are not he doctors lawyers and other professionals who are the majority of the so called one percent, these peopel are actulay upper middle class, with bills to pay like everyone else. It is the propaganda of the poltical class to equate upper middle class with peopel swaning around on private jets and yachts. The so called real wealthy are maybe a few thousand people. These people and big corps pay low tax rates, hedge fund managers making millions pay 24%, a doctor earning 500K 50% or more, a small businessman is in the same boat as doctor. Yes in good years gov takes half, when times are tough gov does not put capital back in and business fails, presto no jobs no growth. You want Jobs, implement simpdon bowels, max fed tax rate 28% no seperate cap gains arate and no loopholes, gov collects more, and small buisness get a break. This so called 1% are people makign 250k really so wealthy especialy if they live in an urban area, is this the enbemy, or is the real problem corps making billions and not paying taxes with wall streeters making millions. Yet who is egtting taxed and paying the taxes, the very people we aspire to be, the upper middle class while the real rich get benefits, open your eyes people. Ever wonder why there are no good middle class jobs, because the buisness thta employs the middle class, the small and medium business is getting destroyed.

    • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Jan 27, 2014

      @Boxerman - you are talking about the 0.1% that rules the roost. A large number of the 1% you mentioned is employed by the 0.1%. It is interesting to see someone mention the Koch brothers. They donated to both presidential campaigns (more to Repubs).