NAIAS 2014: Nissan Shows Maxima Concept

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
naias 2014 nissan shows maxima concept

Presumably this is, somehow, the next Maxima. But how much is actual production body shape and how much is gingerbread?

Even in Concept Land, Nissan’s chosen to power this “Sport Sedan Concept” with the existing 3.5L V-6 and Xtronic CVT combo from the current V-6. What makes this car interesting/different is the “V-Motion” front end, the merits of which will have to be left to the viewer.

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  • S J I’m here to say I don’t know about H #, but in German b flat is sometimes called “H”.Thats why composers (Liszt IIRC) could compose a theme and variations on B A C H.b flat sharp would be C, so there wouldn’t be a point.
  • Tassos The original, iconic 1964 Mustang sold for about $2,000.Is anybody still in doubt that the US Dollar has gone straight to hell?
  • Tassos I just read in Electrek that Lucid had to lay off 18% of its workforce, which amounts to a HUGE (considering the very meager production numbers) ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED hard to replace employees laid off!!!
  • Kevin That wagon isn't worth 35,000 I paid 4,700 for a 68 chevelle and worth 80,000 today, when I bought it was 10x better shape than that but if someone wants it have at it but wouldn't be me.
  • MaintenanceCosts Assuming a level of refinement that's appropriately improved over the 9 years since the last car, these prices seem totally appropriate to me.