NAIAS 2014: Chrysler 200 Is A Freewheeling Super Dart

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
naias 2014 chrysler 200 is a freewheeling super dart

We all knew it would be a relative of the Cherokee and Dart, but the new Chrysler 200 offers at least one whiz-bang feature to go along with the aggressive styling.

The new 200 is slightly smaller than the old one, although it appears to be one of these things where both cars cast fundamentally the same shadow on the ground. Base engine is the 184hp 2.4 TigerShark mated to a nine-speed auto, with a 295-hp Pentastar optional and, if our experience in the outgoing car is any guide, strongly recommended.

For the first time, the 200 will be offered as an AWD sedan with a surprisingly capable drivetrain. The new hardware can freewheel/disconnect the rear axle when the cost of providing twist to the rears is more than the benefit (think 60mph on a Florida freeway). But when required, that same rear axle can carry up to 60 percent of available torque. Overly complex? We’ll see.

Pricing for the 2015 Chrysler 200 has also been announced with the LX model starting from $22,695 including destination. The Limited trim model is priced at $24,250. The “sporty” 200S starts at $25,490. The range-topping 200C will be priced from $26,990 and comes with Nappa leather interior, dual climate control and a seven-inch gauge display.

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  • Vcficus Vcficus on Jan 14, 2014

    Hey, if you want to take a look in person Sterling Heights Assembly Plant stuck two of them out front yesterday; a little easier to get to than the Auto Show for the next couple days...

  • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Jan 14, 2014

    I just love the gold trim on the steering wheel and vents. /sarc

  • Azfelix From certain angles the bonnet appears oversized with respect to the rest of the car - like a skinny teenager wearing a bulky sweater nicked from her older sister's wardrobe.
  • Tassos This is way too god damned OLD, 21 years old to have all the necessary options you need TODAY. You need a 10 year old or less car. AND if you give us THIS POS, a 21 year old model, that is not even a LUXURY car, whoever pays $10k for a Golf, And I Do NOT care what anniversary it is (they are all UTTERLY INSIGNIFICANT) deserves to get this MOST UNRELIABLE AND COSTLY TO REPAIR OF ALL LOUSY ECONOBOXES< EVEN THE DOMESTICS AND THE KOREANS.
  • Tassos As you say, Toyota confirmed this on TUESDAY. Today is WEDNESDAY. Why is everything on TTAC held back one or more days before you tell us the NEWS when it is NO MORE THE NEWS?
  • MRF 95 T-Bird You can find a decent and far more stylish Audi TT or an S4 of a similar vintage for under $10k.
  • RHD "In all situations, the grip of the tires (225/40R18 front, 225/35R18 rear) brings with it road noise."Are the rear tires actually smaller than the fronts??!! Adding just a bit of sidewall would take care of the bumps and rough ride. I'm not a fan of BMWs, personally, but this is a very enjoyable car. There are times when driving a convertible is pure bliss, and with a bit of power it's fun as well. (And certainly a better drive than a gussied-up, overpriced German taxicab!)