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The Tokyo Motor Show is always good for an unusual transportation device or two and this year’s show looks to be no exception.  Toyota will be debuting the FV2, which appears to be a cross between a leaning trike, a jet ski and a horse. That’s right, a horse. The FV2 is supposed to connect the driver physically and emotionally to the driving experience and it is controlled by the rider’s body motions. Shifting the driver’s body will cause the vehicle to move forward, backward, left or right. Toyota sees the driver and FV2 developing a relationship similar that between a rider and a horse, with the FV2 learning the driver’s behavior.  The vehicle even uses voice and image recognition to analyze the driver’s mood and suggest destinations.

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8 Comments on “Drive By The Seat of Your Pants, Literally, With the Toyota FV2 Concept...”

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    “You seem suicidal today… I know a good cliff to take a plunge, here’s the quickest route”

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    Dear car makers,
    Here is the thing about controlling a car through gestures rather than a wheel or stick, your arms are going to get tired, and you might wreck when threatening your children.

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      Here’s the thing about riding a horse–you’re not driving by gesture. You’re just telling it where to go and it takes you there–one checkpoint at a time.

      It’s not hand gestures they’re talking about, it’s body motion, very similar to the way that two-wheeled ‘personal transporter’ uses without worrying about balancing. If you have to equate it to something, try one of those ‘bobsled’-style slides.

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        Pictures speak louder than words. Look at the pictures.

        If it’s only reading weight shift then that could be interesting, but they would still not a hand rest. Saddles have a horn to rest your hand.

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          Computer generated concepts do not a picture of the real thing make. In other words, these pictures do NOT speak louder than words. They show an imaginary concept that when actually built would almost certainly include grab handles just like that two-wheeled vehicle I previously mentioned. Odds are the hand rests would be grips on either side of the canopy or could even be in the body of the craft, since I doubt you’d want to stand up the whole time you’re driving 50 to 100 miles. Much easier to sit or lie down and it should still be able to sense and respond to balance.

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            If that’s so, then okay, I guess. I doubt the thing is even close to likely, so likely much ado about nothing.

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            To be honest it looks more like a toy; in essence a safetied motorcycle that would be far more functional as a daily driver than the majority of today’s bikes. I agree that this thing’s unlikely to gain any real popularity, but then, the Can-Am trike seemed unlikely too. I see those all over the place now.

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    I wonder what sort of action you’d get out of a furious humping motion.

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