Cadillac Considers Lambda Based Unibody Crossover to Extend Escalade Brand

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff

As Cadillac introduces the all-new 2015 Escalade body-on-frame SUV, the luxury marque is considering extending the Escalade brand to include a large crossover that would slot in between the full size ‘Slade and the midsize SRX CUV. “I think there’s a lot of equity in Escalade,” Bob Ferguson, senior vice president of global Cadillac, told Automotive News at the NYC reveal of the revamped SUV, “I’d like to explore the notion of other vehicles that would carry that brand name.”

Ferguson said that GM planners “are still looking at” a unibody crossover larger than the SRX to complement the Escalade SUV, which is based on a GM truck platform. There is a segment of consumers that are looking for a large utility vehicle but one that’s more car-like. Of course with similar construction and layouts there’s no reason why an Escalade shouldn’t ride just as smoothly as a 1960s era BOF Cadillac sedan, but perception isn’t always the same as reality, and crossovers are a fast growing market segment. Since GM already makes the large Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Chevrolet Traverse CUVs on the unibody “Lambda” platform, it seems likely that the next generation Lambdas will include a Cadillac.

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  • Sparc Sparc on Oct 08, 2013

    Why does GM need 4 largely cloned versions of the same SUV? This seems like a move backwards. One fantastic SUV is better than 4 mediocre one's.

    • Hummer Hummer on Oct 08, 2013

      4? You mean 3? Or rather 2 sets of 3 Although I agree that they are much to similar I believe the better answer is in different packaging, give the chevy version its cajones back by making it a functional SUV similar to SUVs of yore, the other two are fine.

  • PrincipalDan PrincipalDan on Oct 08, 2013

    Call it the XTCUV... Oy Cadillac how much time have you spent trying to get people to forget the debasement of your name that happened during the 70s, 80s, and 90s? But hey let's introduce a tiny little Cadillac (ATS) and a big old Lambda Cadillac so we have 3 Cadillac CUV/SUVs...

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    • Bd2 Bd2 on Oct 10, 2013

      @dal20402 And Lexus is going to add another CUV. A RWD Alpha-based compact CUV is almost a certainty from Cadillac. The question is whether to switch the SRX back to RWD - no longer would compete against the Lexus RX and instead compete against the X5 (so higher price making up for lower sales volume). When it comes to a full-size CUV which really has no sporting pretense - FWD is the way to go (when it comes to CUVs - buyers really don't care about FWD vs. RWD - big reason why Acura CUVs sell so well while their sedan offerings struggle).

  • Kyree Kyree on Oct 08, 2013

    This isn't even remotely wise. You couldn't compare this to the Denali lineup (as some aficionados are trying to do), because there *is* no Denali lineup. It's just a trim for top-of-the-line GMCs that happens to have an oft-used name, but whose individual models ultimately have nothing in common in terms of metrics or niche. The most successful implementation that I've seen of what GM is actually trying to do would be the Range Rover sub-brand, which over the last eight years has spawned two additional models....BUT Range Rovers have distinct styling and unique traits between them, and they are also internationally desirable. The fact that the only Escalades to date have always shared their bodyshells with Chevrolets and GMCs already makes the nameplate not unique enough to become a bona-fide sub-brand. If Cadillac is going to push another crossover, it shouldn't also be called an Escalade...and it shouldn't be on the current Lambda platform, because the Lambda CUVs are basically minivans without sliding doors and wouldn't wear Cadillac styling very well. A next-generation Lambda platform...maybe...

  • Spartan Spartan on Oct 09, 2013

    Range Rover makes the Evoque, no one says a word. Cadillac thinking about making an Escalade crossover, everyone throws a fit. The same people who say this isn't a good idea are the same people who said the Porsche Cayenne wasn't a good idea. Financially, this is an outstanding idea that will make money for Cadillac, which is exactly what they need so they can continue to bring us great products. You purists need to pipe down because much of your analysis is flawed because it doesn't take into account the $$$$ that will be made from such a project.