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The British publication Autocar says that it has seen a document from Morgan Motors that says that Charles Morgan, grandson of the founder of the company, was fired for four instances of misconduct. The authenticity of the document has been questioned, but if it is authentic, it verifies that Morgan’s firing is at least partially the result of a dispute with family members.

The document says that Morgan was discharged after a disciplinary meeting concluded that he continued to pose as chairman of the company after being demoted to strategy director last February, that he provided support to the Oak Racing team and to the 2012 Morgan LMP2 car at Le Mans and in the LMP series without approval from the board, that he told a group of Morgan owners that an improved version of the 3 Wheeler would be launched, and that he took payments from outside parties without approval for talks about his time working for the ITN network as a cameraman in Iran and Afghanistan. Last year Charles Morgan had been paid to attend a business conference in Iran and came back discussing the possibility of selling Morgans in that country. It’s not clear if the payment for attending the Tehran conference was a factor in his dismissal.

According to Autocar, the decision to sack Morgan was made by the board of directors of Morgan Technologies: Steven Morris (Morgan’s managing Director), Timothy Whitworth (Morgan’s finance director), Gillian Price (Charles’ sister), David Price (Charles’ brother-in-law), Laurence Price (Charles’ nephew), Craig Hamilton Smith (Charles’ nephew), Jackie Pertwee (Charles’ niece) and Andrew Duncan (the Morgan family attorney). Morgan Motor Company and the related companies of Aero Racing Ltd and Morgan 3 Wheeler Ltd are wholly owned divisions of Morgan Technologies, which was incorporated in late 2010.

Charles Morgan has said that he will appeal his dismissal and has denied the the accusations of misconduct. Autocar reports that appeal will be heard this Friday by a panel of family members Price, Pertwee and Hamilton Smith.

Through a spokesman Morgan Motor Company declined comment.

Ironically, in 2009, Charles Morgan published an essay about families, specifically thanking his sister Jill.

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20 Comments on “Autocar: Charles Morgan Sacked For “Misconduct” – Will Appeal to Family Members At Hearing On Friday...”

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    I wish I could still find those body colored grilles…… Oh right Morgan.
    Maybe a different leader would do some good, Mr Ford knew when to step down, maybe this will do the company some good.

  • avatar

    This isn’t what the guy in charge of Morgan is supposed to look like. He needs a tweed jacket and a flat cap. Maybe a pipe. And a well worn brown leather briefcase or satchel for his work documents.

    That guy is closer to Simon Cowell in appearance. Not ok!

  • avatar

    It doesn’t seem like these crimes rise to the level of dismissal by the board and his family. Clearly Christmas is going to be a tough time this year. There is probably something underneath all this and the other family members on the board would be wise to watch their backs in the boardroom.

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    when I read misconduct I was hoping for some juicy, kinky sex stories, not that boring stuff

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    Domestic Hearse

    This has the feel of a Shakespearean tragedy – family betrayal, greed, rumor, innuendo.

    Perhaps a cautionary tale: living with family is hard enough. Working with them can prove impossible.

    And some of the misconduct he’s accused of might full-well fall under the responsibilities of a “strategy director.” Opening a new market? Check. Supporting race teams? Check. Discussing future product improvements with the brand faithful? Check.

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    DC Bruce

    Only one of these looks serious and that’s the one charging him with making financial commitments on behalf of the company without having Board authority to do so. Ordinarily, one wouldn’t assume that a “strategy director” has authority to spend the company’s money on things like team sponsorships. Usually, only the company’s chief executive officer has that authority, whether the person is called “president” or “chairman” or “Donald Duck in Chief.”

    The problem this creates for a company is that outsiders usually are entitled to consider these commitments to be legally binding (under the “apparent authority” doctrine), so this kind of behavior creates a potentially serious financial problem for the company and, obviously, a serious management problem.

    Seems like our boy didn’t get the memo . . . or didn’t read it if he did.

    Whether the decision to demote him from chairman and strip him of executive authority was stupid, unjustified or whatever is beside the point, unfortunately. Them’s the rules and you gotta play by them.

    • 0 avatar

      “Ordinarily, one wouldn’t assume that a “strategy director…”

      Ordinarily one wouldn’t assume that a street legal modern car would be made of wood.

      The devil’s in the details;-)

      • 0 avatar

        One wouldn’t think that a car would be made of wood, and even back in the thirties, neither did Morgan. The chassis is steel. The framing around the doors etc is wood.

        You want a wood car? Marcos made some marvelous wood cars 30 or more years ago.

        What really distinguishes a Morgan (bar the Aero 8), is the absolute 19th century front suspension. Now that really is rubbish.

  • avatar

    I was hoping for an alleged sex scandal so the SUN could go with a headline like “Charles Morgan: Framed Wood?” or something similarly, horrifically punny.

  • avatar

    So three members of the Board of Directors that fired him will constitute a panel to rule on his appeal? Would one expect a different result?

  • avatar

    So does Morgan make the kind of money that would cause these sort of power grabs? Or as I suspect there are some other reasons?

  • avatar

    “the 2012 Morgan LMP2 car at Le Mans”

    The car wasn’t even a Morgan product but a Pescarolo chassis with at times either a Nissan or a Judd engine.

  • avatar

    Pertwee ? If I was named that I’d fire the whole family. On the other hand, a limited edition Morgan Pertwee Shooting F*cking Brake could be just the thing.

  • avatar

    The answer probably lays with why he was demoted from being chaiman.

    The problem with famnily businesses is very often there is no head, no captain. Try run a ship on crew consensus and see how far you go. Sounds like he was used to running things as his father did and the others wanted more.

    Without knowing more it seems a huge error. Charles aweas the face of the company, part of its appeal and mystique. Remove him and the aura all you have is a nother kit car.

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    So, he’s acting like his name is on the building – which it is. It is important to a lot of folks that there is still a Mr. Morgan, Mr. Ford, Mr. Toyoda, Mr. Steinway, Mr. Martin, etc. Their real job is being Mr. ( ), not what their business card says.

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    If he was demoted from chairman last February, who was/is the chairman? Where is the top authority? No company can survive when every decision needs board approval. I’m sure there are family stresses and egos involved, but I suspect it’s mostly about money. With a family-owned private company, facts are, and are going to be scarce.

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