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From our friends over at the SCCA Solo program comes this brief film about Mitsubishi Evolution driver Tasha Mikko. It’s a nice feature about a very accomplished young woman, and if you’re kind of confused as to how a ProSolo event runs some of the footage might clear that confusion up for you. Check it out!

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26 Comments on “Autocross: It’s Not Just For Really Lonely Guys In Tilley Hats Any More!...”

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    Nice interview there. Your prior post(s) on ProSolo have piqued my interest in this near-everyman kind of sport.

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    I really need to try this some time…

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    Very nice.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    Meanwhile, while your wife nags you about golf…

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    I would really like to try something like this but one of the big things that concerns me is the lack of lines. I feel that I may see all the cones in my field of view and loose track of what the next cone corner is. In other words, I will end up going the wrong way or cutting the corner.

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      Sometimes yes, people definitely go off course, but usually you know as soon as you’ve done it. Everyone walks the course beforehand, sometimes multiple times, and so you get a feel for what the track does before you do it at speed. Your first few times it’s still helpful to have an experienced ride-along point out your next turn, but eventually you get the hang of it. Most corners will have pointer cones pointing to the left or right of the corner indicating which way you need to go.

      In any case, you get 4 tries to get it right, so don’t worry and just give it a shot.

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      It’s really not a problem, I manage to do it at least once every time I go out. Autocross is really great fun. I don’t take it all that seriously, just a fun cheap diversion and I don’t cane the car too much. Just try to beat my own times as the day goes on.

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      In theory it’s very, very easy: in the group of 3 cones, they lay one of them on its side, which points which way to go. In practice, I find it extremely difficult to follow.

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      The real problem is six hours of waiting or cone chasing for six minutes of fun. You get used to the cones after a day.

      Actually, does anyone know of any autocross sims/games? As awful as the idea of simulating autocross, when any racetrack in the world can be simulated, sounds, it would be a good way for people to get used to the cones and quick turns.

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      bumpy ii

      I’ve been to a few where they actually chalked the boundaries of the course, if it was tight enough to look like cone spam. It’s generally not an issue after you get some practice.

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    Oh great, a film, now she’s never going to be able to get warranty work performed.

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    When my wife and I were first married, there was a hilly/curvy section of road close to our home and as it happened, we worked in the same office building. I would generally drive home and hoon my way around that section of road making her carsick in the process (not intentionally). One evening, she drove home and wanted to turn the tables. What she did instead was to obliterate my time going through that section. I don’t proclaim to be a great driver (good, yes), but she beat my time by a huge margin. At the time BC (Before Children), I wanted her to run autoX with me and my friend who was the driver at the time. She flat out refused. But then again, she can out-golf me, too…

    On many levels, I wish my wife would (have) participated in stuff like that with me, she only likes to go to events where we are spectators. Having been part of racing teams, I don’t get the same reward from sitting in the stands. Not that this has ever been an “issue” in our relationship, but motoring/motorsports is a big part of my life outside of the normal routine. It would be great if we could share that more, but I think she’s just not interested.

    Not that BM (Before Marriage), I didn’t meet some fine motorhead women, but they weren’t that interested in me. Cie la vie, I guess…

    Nice video. I should show it to my daughters. Maybe they’ll get the hint?

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    We need to see a Panther doing autocross… Preferably a white Lincoln Town Car with a busted hood.

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    I’ve been wondering, how damaging would autocross be to a stock FR-S?

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    When I was occasionally autocrossing in the early 2000’s there was a young woman running a Neon ACR with a rollcage in it who got everyone’s attention because she was the one of just a few women running with this group. She was also cute and she ran time trials at Lime Rock Park and competed in the Mt. Washington Hill Climb.

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    Autocross has never been just for lonely guys in tilley hats. Back in 1972, the Presque Isle Region SCCA (Erie, PA) had a rather good female turnout to their six autocrosses season. In fact, I learned to drive thru the good fortune that the delightful nurse I was dating had a Fiat 124 Spyder and was gonzo on it. It was my second season before my times started to beat hers.

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    I’m just wondering why is Tasha wearing a ghetto helmet with a torn-off visor. Do visors get broken off that easily, or she’s just more comfortable with those huge eyeshades?

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      Those visors are easily removable, so it’s not “torn-off”. I’m sure it’s just a comfort/visibility thing. Speeds are low enough where wind is never a problem, and it’s one less semi-clear surface to have to see through. I never used my visor when I drove auto-x

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    what is the ’tilley’ reference? i have the hat – just don’t get the point. [i am neither lonely nor alone]

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      Due to autocrosses being in wide open areas there’s usually very little cover, so you’re standing around in the sun for hours. I’ve seen at least 3 or 4 of these hats at every auto-x I’ve attended, I’m sure because they’re great for keeping the sun off of you. I’d never heard of a tilley hat, but immediately guessed what Jack was talking about.

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