The Astroghini Can Be Yours! For The Low, Low Price Of…

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
the astroghini can be yours for the low low price of

We don’t call you guys the Best & Brightest for nothing.

When I talked about finding the Astroghini in Kalamazoo a few years ago, it never occurred to me that anyone would remember the van, or the story, for very long. But as it turns out, elephants have nothing on our readers… except, possibly, nose size.

I can’t decide if $3400 is a screaming deal or the equivalent of paying $5000 for an early 928 that ran when parked. The Astro part beneath the ‘ghini part should be reasonably reliable, but the rest of it is likely to be a nightmare. Reality shows rarely bust their asses to make sure their one-episode star-cars are built to the late Henry Royce’s standards. I suppose the best thing you could say about it would be that Astroghini ownership would be a relatively cheap way to get attention, but the same can be said for streaking at a baseball game.

One thing remains to be said: Aaron Cowles, the guitar builder briefly profiled in the original story, is no longer well enough to work. In addition to the Heritage Spruce Eagle discussed in the article, I also had Mr. Cowles rebuild a carved-maple Heritage H-575 and replace the original mahogany neck with a three-piece flame-maple affair.

Oh boy, look at those solar lights. I put those in for a party. I guess I wasn’t sober before the party, either. Anyway… we’re all praying for Aaron’s recovery, but no matter what happens, the peerless quality of his work will be apparent long after he, and I, are long gone. That’s the difference between a guitar rebuilt for a lifetime of use by a master of his craft and an Astro van rebodied in a hurry for a television show by a bunch of people who couldn’t care less. The difference between craft and junk.

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  • 28-Cars-Later I'll offer this, offer a registration for limited use and exempt it from all inspection. The Commonwealth of GFY for the most part is Dante's Inferno for the auto enthusiast however they oddly will allow an antique registration with limited use and complete exemption from their administrative stupidity but it must be 25 years old (which ironically are the cars which probably should be inspected). Given the dystopia being built around us, it should be fairly simply to set a mileage limitation and enforce a mileage check then bin the rest of it if one agrees to the terms of the registration. For the most part odometer data started being stored in the ECU after OBDII, so it should be plug and play to do such a thing - this is literally what they are doing now for their emissions chicanery.
  • Probert For around $15 you can have a professional check important safety areas - seems like a bargain. It pointed to a rear brake problem on my motorcycle. It has probably saved a lot of lives. But, like going to a dentist, no-one could say it is something they look forward to. (Well maybe a few - it takes all kinds...)
  • VoGhost ICE is so dangerous.
  • Akear Back as early as 2014 Ford was building some pretty decent vehicles. The Ford Fusion was getting good reviews and selling around 300,000 annually. The Mark MKZ was also the top selling US luxury car at the time. My Ford Fusion is approaching the 200,000 mile mark, while current Fords blow gaskets at 40,000 miles.
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