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BRIC nation plutocrats, start saving your rubles and rupees. Lamborghini’s vulgar Urus SUV is set to bow in 2017, according to a report by Car and Driver, giving the new global elite a successor to the iconic LM002.

C/D reports that the Urus will bow after the upcoming Bentley SUV, with a sticker price between $150,000 and $2000,000. Power will come from Audi’s 4.0L twin-turbo V8. While the LM002 provides Lambo with some precedent to offer an SUV, Jack Baruth has brilliantly argued that the introduction of the Urus heralds the end of the brand’s reputation as the last word in unchecked hypermasculine antisocial motoring. Or perhaps, the start of it, depending on your tastes.

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20 Comments on “Lamborghini Urus To Bow In 2017...”

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    I vote the latter. with the release of the “Egoista” concept, Lamborghini has shown how well they know their customer base. An SUV suits that customer base quite well. The Urus could quite well be the hairy-chested, gold-chained, open-shirt Countach of the 21st Century.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I completely agree. Lamborghini buyers seem far less picky than their Ferrari-buying counterparts. However garish we think the Urus is, it’s probably a very smart business decision, since it would be the cheapest price of entry into the Lamborghini family. It’s all the same as how VW Group turned Bentley into a sales-success with the VW-engineered Continental line.

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    “But Mom, all the other manufcturers are doin it”

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    Alfred Sloan must be weeping tears of joy in heaven. They have the Volkswagen Tourag as their entry level offering (Chevy), the Audi Q7 as their upscale model(Buick) and the soon-to-be Lambo Urus as their performance/luxury offering (Cadillac?). While I find it a bit over the top, you can’t fault Volkswagen for giving customers what they want.
    It’s easy to criticize the design, vanity, etc., but if manufacturers didn’t take chances (some bad admittedly), we’d only have Camrys and Accords to discuss — ugh!

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    But aren’t all Lambos vulgar?
    Isn’t that the point?

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    I personally have no desire to drive a crossover whatsoever. Especially a redesigned Audi/VW dolled up to look and be priced like a Lamborghini.

    Still – it’s good to see stuff like this because otherwise, the super rich will be forced to stick with crossovers people like me can afford (Escalade, Navigators, Land Rovers, etc). Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lambo, Bugatti – all need their own crossovers.

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    Looks like an Evoque on roids. Definitely stare if I see one. Still think the BMW X6 executes that style better than the rest, expecially the M.

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    How does it do off road?
    Does it do off road?

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      See the tires and that plastic rear bumper?

      Trail damage costs would be probably 30k per pop, definitely not for offroad.

      I don’t see how they can get away putting such a small engine in it, and then pull the turbo crap on us.

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    Being able to see out of a vehicle is overrated.

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    You bring up a good point…all BRIC nations have a currency starting with “R”…Real, Ruble, Rupee, Renminbi. Weird!

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      And if you include Seth Efrica you get the Rand as well.

      When Australia decimalised the currency there was talk of naming it the Royal. I can only imagine the economic growth having an “R” currency would have spurred.

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    What’s the plural of Urus? Uri? Uruses? Urusesseseses?

    This seems positioned a little differently than the Bentley spin-off, although the pricing is similar.

    Is the 4.0 twin-turbo going to be retuned for more horsepower? I keep seeing 584 hp bounced around, which is more than the S8.

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    It will end up being a turkey of an SUV, with no cargo space, 4 seats (useless), huge wheels and will never go off road. On the bright side, it might help Larmborghini’s fuel economy average.

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    I like it, as long as they don’t offer a hybrid or EV model.

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    Coming soon to an Emirate near you!

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    I’d like to make bad people ride in the back all day, over big rocks.

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