Question Of The Day: What Is The Strangest Thing You Found In A Car?

Steven Lang
by Steven Lang
question of the day what is the strangest thing you found in a car

Press fleet vehicles are full of little surprises.

A rap CD with a certain word used 200 times in a three minute song.

Then there are the unusual litany of condoms, leftover roaches (the smokable variety), and paternity results that no doubt tell you more about your peers than you ever thought possible.

Finally, there was a trade-in that topped them all. I called it the Thelma and Louise car.

Two young ladies decided to chronicle their love affair on the headliner of a 1990 Volvo 740 wagon.

Oh the tales! Oh the pictures! From the very front of the windshield to the rear tailgate, I got to read up on more raunchy poetry and admired a surprising variety of artistic renderings, just by folding the rear seats and taking in all that scenery.

It was like caveman scenery. Except there was no cave and certainly no man.

I didn’t buy the vehicle. Honest. It was actually owned by Stan the Old Man when he was a wholesaler. Like any true Southern gentleman, Stan replaced the headliner and preserved the remnants in something that probably resembled a sock drawer.

This brings me to our question for the day. What is the strangest thing you found in a vehicle? Extra credit will be given if the thing you found can be associated with any felonies or celebrities. Double credit if you can combine the two.

Note: I always give credit whenever a good idea comes from an outside source. In this case, Christopher Little was the direct inspiration for today’s QOTD.

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  • RatherhaveaBuick RatherhaveaBuick on Apr 06, 2013

    A penis pump right on the backseat of an early 90s Sable. In each of the two Buicks I've bought used, I've found cassettes wedged in the rear seats. In my Lesabre T-Type, it was an oldies compilation, and in my Regal it was some Christian music. Not that surprising really considering the previous owners of the Lesabre T were an old couple and my Regal was a middle aged woman from Houston, TX.

  • Kjb911 Kjb911 on Apr 06, 2013

    when I bought my Fiero from a middle aged divorcee I took it home and both myself and father went about cleaning it out top to bottom. stashed under the lining of the trunk was a bag containing "a suspicious white powder", my father who was a police officer gave it one look at brought it the the station's evidence room for disposal... Found a bong and other paraphernalia in the spare tire well of the Tiburon. most embarrassing was having my ex find a used condom underneath the center console after I dissasembled to clean the crums that tend to pool there, the whole care was filled with junk and no attempt by the dealer to even remotely clean the damn thing

  • FuzzyPlushroom FuzzyPlushroom on Apr 07, 2013

    My first drivable 244 came with a Belinda Carlisle tape. I gave it back. My 745T had a bunch of little things, nothing special, aside from the still-wrapped condom I found under the passenger seat when I parted it out. My 855 was immaculate aside from a copy of Tad Friend's 'Cheerful Money', hands-down the least interesting book I ever attempted to read. However, my second 244 had a Pedobear sticker on the headliner under the driver's sunvisor. Probably my favourite little detail.

  • Volvo_nut Volvo_nut on Apr 07, 2013

    I found a Phillips head screwdriver in the driver side door pocket of my 945. Turns out it is the perfect size to reset the "service" light that comes every 5000 miles to remind me to get an oil change. In the same car, in the back in the "smugglers pockets" was a pair of leather loafers, not my size unfortunately. I left them in there. The latest acquisition, a '91 740, has coughed up keys for the previous owners other cars, gallons of coffee wet vac'd up from the footwells, and giant piles of mucky pine needles