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 Nissan’s motorsports division doesn’t think it has enough brand awareness in America. To counter this perception, Nissan tossed out a few NISMO (NISsan MOtorsports) models at the Chicago Auto Show. First up we have the Juke NISMO which is Nissan’s oddly shaped small crossover vehicle. The NISMO treatment makes the Juke look even more conspicuous on American roads with shapes and styles never before seen on a production vehicle. Whatever you do, don’t look up Juke in the Urban Dictionary while at work.

Thankfully the NISMO package isn’t just a styling exercise, Nissan also tosses in some cabin upgrades, faux-suede trim and a power boost. The same 1.6L engine is found under the funky hood but now cranks out 197HP and 184 lb-ft of torque. The CVT and 5-speed manual remain the only transmission options and of course AWD can be had for a price. While this is a far cry from the fire-breathing Juke R, it may help you escape the hoards of villagers with pitchforks.

Far more attractive is the Nissan 370Z NISMO gets extensive braking, suspension and styling tweaks in addition to a 350HP version of Nissan’s 3.7L V6 engine. Nissan promises improved downforce and even more fun out on the track. That should just about compensate for the extra 6.2 inches in length the NISMO Z brings to your garage. (Thank the re-tweaked front end for that.)




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11 Comments on “Chicago Auto Show: 2014 Nissan Nismo...”

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    So now the Juke is even more confused about what it’s supposed to be.

    Why didn’t they just give it a “rally raid” treatment? It’s halfway there already.

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    A bug-eye Sprite birthing a Viper?
    That’s gotta hurt.

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    I’m going to go ahead and differ with 99.9% of the interwebz and admit that I love the Juke – everything about it. Although I’m unsure if one will ever grace my garage, I’m happy Nissan makes it – they seem fairly popular in my area and seeing one on the road always brings a grin to my face.

    It’s like a quirky, mini-FX, which I guess I should be ashamed to admit seems awesome.

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      I agree, though I think I’m at a stage in my life that I can’t justify one, and I think I’ll never be! Great car. Looks like Renault has been heatened by the Juke’s success to finally come out with their Captur, which originated the Juke. In my eyes it’s even more interesting than the Juke. Since the engine is Renault is also seems more cohesive somehow.

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      Make that 99.8%… I do like the looks of the vehicle (don’t know if it’s a “car” or “SUV” or just “other”). My girlfriend and kids are absolutely nuts over it.

      In a move that totally shocked me (I’m still trying to recover), my totally car-conservative lady told me last night that she wants… WANTS… me to ditch the TSX and get a Juke SL, if we can get a decent deal and trade-in. I would get an SL trim 6MT, so I don’t lose out on the joy of stick, but still get bells and whistles that we all like (leather, nav, moonroof, etc). I still think I was dreaming to hear that from her, of all people…

      In 2 years when our youngest turns 16, the kid gets Karen’s Focus, and Karen gets whatever I’m driving, so I see how it benefits her long term if I get a Juke now. Well played, woman; well played. :P

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    “hordes” of villagers

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    The Z looks terrible. Why didn’t they paint match the aero?

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    Wait, is the AWD version now available with a stick?

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    The Juke is not for everyone, but that 1.6T mill is pretty nice. I hope they eventually offer it in the Sentra, which is badly in need of a more interesting optional engine. The MPG would still be pretty good.

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    Egads! The latest and possibly greatest example of why I sometimes long for the days when all you could get were sealed beams. Just because you can form plastic into odd, disturbing shapes, doesn’t mean you should.

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    I shall call you the Nissan Jismo. Wah wah…

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