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GM’s tattered alliance-partner PSA Peugeot Citroen  did not produce any cars in its Slovak plant today and will add more stoppage days next month to catch up with weak demand in Europe, Reuters reports.

PSA makes the Peugeot 207 and Citroen C3 Picasso models in Trnava, a plant that made 215,000 units in 2012.  The plant has capacity for 300,000 cars.  PSA’s European sales ended down 12.9 percent in 2012.

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11 Comments on “PSA Stops Car Output...”

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    Why does General Motors back these skimpy Partners! Why is the 64,000 dollars question eh?

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      Because Opel is equally ‘strong’, both desperately need bigger parts purchasing volumes to get costs down. So sharing platforms makes sense, however given the rapid deterioration of demand and the huge comparative advantage of Volkswagen I believe the cooperation is too little, too late.

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        Sharing platforms doesn’t make sense between manufacturers. They have different brands, different trim and looks, different procedures-requirements- tests. It’s very labor intensive. I just can’t fathom how using the same platform will save much. What’s more likely, is it’s Old GM all over again. A smokescreen and a band-aid. Remember that Opel was so full of talent and value that GM couldn’t part with it? Why isn’t Peugot using Opel platforms instead?

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    Seems a logical step to take due to falling sales in the region. This doesn`t matter to GM since they are not producing at that factory. The alliance I thought was primarily for future vehicle platforms.

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    After all that GM has done, what healthy car company would want to partner with GM on anything. GM is the poster child for badly managed incompetent and corrupted companies.

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      I agree they are badly managed and seem to quickly change their strategy (maybe/maybe not take over FIAT in the 90’s, to their strategy for Opel and Buick, their strategy for Pontiac (new G8, Solstice) to then close it etc etc). This would give pause to many suitors.

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    Maybe if PSA sold vehicles in North America they wouldn’t have this problem.

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    Augie the Argie

    I would think that any European brand before they invest in setting up shop in these shores they would be watching closely how Fiat does. I wish Fiat well for I would love to have Citroen and Peugeots as options in North America! And once the ball gets rolling perhaps Volkswagen might bring Skodas and Seats…who knows…

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    back in the day, Buick engineering could conceptualize, shape, and build anything. they were leaders of the world in auto production and profitability. then the honchos at HQ decided they knew better and it’s been straight downhill ever since.

    GM is a shadow of it’s former self, decimated by a corporate hierarchy that feeds on it’s own incompetence and self importance. yet in reality, has no claim other than ineptitude, corruption, and failure.

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    I didn’t think there was anything particularly-wrong with New GM until I saw the 2013 Malibu. The competition has never been better, and rather than create a model that is truly competitive, GM rolls out a midsized car whose only real competition is its baby brother, the Cruze. Not only that, but they completely botched the release by equipping the first models solely with that horrid Eco mild-hybrid powertrain that is bested by conventionally-powered stuff from the competition.

    GM, I love you, but come on…seriously…?

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    sunridge place

    Cool…PSA following VW’s lead:

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