Volkswagen Makes Up For Lower Europe With Elevated China

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
volkswagen makes up for lower europe with elevated china

Volkswagen hasn’t published its group sales for September yet (it is expected to do so later in the week), but Reuters already saw a PowerPoint slide with 6.802 million vehicles on it, sold between January and September. This would mean an increase of 10.6 percent in the first nine months. Volkswagen published Audi sales yesterday, and Volkswagen Passenger Vehicle sales (see below) today. Looking at these numbers, the 6.8 million are quite possible.

Volkswagen Passenger Cars Global Sales SeptemberSep’12Sep’11YoYYTD’12YTD’11YoYTotal492,500472,1004.30%4,210,0003,810,00010.6%Europe150,000170,000-11.8%1,300,0001,300,0000.2%Ger45,80054,900-16.6%447,000449,600-0.6%WEU ex D78,80089,700-12.2%653,300696,100-6.2%EEUR21,90021,1003.8%199,800151,30032.1%Asia-Pacific220,000180,00022.2%1,680,0001,440,00016.4%China200,000160,00025.0%1,520,0001,290,00017.2%North America52,50041,30027.1%456,500362,00026.1%USA36,30027,10033.9%323,100235,50037.2%South America58,90067,700-13.0%626,200579,4008.1%Black: Company data. Blue: Calculated from archival data

Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 4.21 million units (January-September 2011: 3.81; +10.6 percent) in the first three quarters. Volkswagen does not publish monthly data, but they are easy to extrapolate. In September, the band sold 492,500 units worldwide. An 11.8 percent loss in Europe was made up easily with a 25 percent gain in China, where Volkswagen sold 40,000 cars more in September than in the same month last year. Volkswagen now sells more cars in China than in all of Europe.

Again, these numbers are for Volkswagen Passenger Cars only. Data for the Volkswagen Group are expected within a few days. Rival Toyota will publish its September data by the end of the month. This is also when GM will publish its global sales for the third quarter and the year.

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