Audi Up 13.6 Percent Globally

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
audi up 13 6 percent globally

Smiles in Ingolstadt and Wolfsburg, where Audi contributes 40 percent of Volkswagen Group’s profits: Audi’s global sales climbed 13.6 percent in September to 136,600 units delivered worldwide. 1,097,500 cars were sold in the first nine months, 12.8 percent more than in the prior-year period.

Global Sales Audi September 2012Sept’12Sept’11YoYYTD ’12YTD’11YoYWorld136,600120,19313.6%1,097,500973,15412.8%Europe72,20067,2207.4%574,100551,9254.0%Germany20,71220,0023.5%198,777185,0227.4%UK22,38918,65320.0%101,59393,7818.3%France5,0204,9491.4%47,01246,4491.2%Italy4,8025,713-15.9%38,90146,736-16.8%Spain2,2952,634-12.9%29,43632,478-9.4%Russia3,1502,00357.3%25,44217,80342.9%USA12,3029,72526.5%100,69484,98118.5%Mexico90366635.6%6,4505,50817.1%Asia-Pacific43,00035,70820.4%351,400272,18929.1%China35,51229,47620.5%297,060226,01031.4%India1,01155582.2%6,4234,21052.6%

Speaking of China: Remember when everybody predicted the imminent demise of foreign luxury cars in China, because the Chinese government would only buy domestic? TTAC was among the very few that did not buy the story. Audi’s sales in China were up 31.4 percent in the first nine months of the year. Despite weak sales in Spain and Italy, Audi’s sales in Europe were up 7.4 percent in September. Sales in the U.S. (+26.5 percent) and China (+20.5%) were especially strong.

PS: Note to global carmakers who want to emulate Audi’s success: Start by emulating the way Audi delivers global sales numbers.

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  • LordDetroitofLondon LordDetroitofLondon on Oct 08, 2012

    Man, they must be buying a lot of Audis in the U.K.! More YTD sales that the U.S.! Especially, considering the size of the country..

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    • Mike978 Mike978 on Oct 08, 2012

      @CJinSD I agree that the A3 is a rare sight in the US with very small sales. But even if you strip that out over half of UK sales are the A4 and above vehicles. So certainly comparable to the US. I am amazed how well expensive cars sell in the UK, considering the cost of living there.

  • Sundowner Sundowner on Oct 08, 2012

    I might be the only one saying this, but I think Audi is working on borrowed time. They have homogenized their bread-and-butter product offerings to the point that they are becoming generic. Even sister brands under the VAG umbrella are engaging in increasing amounts of brand engineering of platforms. Sooner or later, that will bite them in arse GM style.

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    • Th009 Th009 on Oct 08, 2012

      @th009 Yes, the Cajun will be the first non-Audi application of MLB. Won't cheapen the Audi technology, though, methinks ...

  • Type57SC Type57SC on Oct 09, 2012

    That has some horrible orange peal on the inner facing side of the trunk.