September Sales Mixed Bag So Far

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
september sales mixed bag so far

First September sales reports are coming in, and they are a mixed bag. Chrysler says it had the best September since 2007 with sales up 12 percent. GM’s sales are up only 1.5 percent , while Ford reports zero percent growth.

Volkswagen sold 36,339 vehicles in September, up 34.4 percent. Toyota’s sales are up a whopping 41.5 percent to 171,910 units in September 2012.

Watch this space for more sales coverage throughout the day.

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  • 86SN2001 86SN2001 on Oct 02, 2012

    Chrysler is doing absolutley fantastic. PROOF that when you build quality, desirable vehicles, people will buy them. If only the other two would see it that way. GM is getting there though. Props to Chrysler. I am an unashamed Chrysler fanboy after their transformation.

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    • Bd2 Bd2 on Oct 04, 2012

      @cdakost “No one buys American luxury cars anymore” -- Eh? The Cadillac XTS did 2,500. And let's wait until the the ATS supply starts hitting dealer lots before we come to such conclusions (nevermind waiting to see how the 3G CTS does).

  • Tikki50 Tikki50 on Oct 02, 2012

    I sure wish companies would report individual vehicle volume along with overall sales numbers instead of cherry picking the best of the best for releases. Oops I found GM's but hey TTAC can you compile this? to slim it back how about just the top 10 most selling vehicles in each category for the quarter or month.

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    • Mjz Mjz on Oct 03, 2012

      @Secret Hi5 Yes! Agreed. Please bring back the sales by market segment for each of the individual car models. This tells a much more interesting story than just total sales for each maufacturer. Certainly TTAC has someone on staff who could compile this info. This was always one of my favorite things to look forward to reading at the end of each monthly sales period.

  • TheEndlessEnigma TheEndlessEnigma on Oct 02, 2012

    Congrats to Chrysler; I have become a real fan of their products over the last 3-4 years. Unfortunately, regardless Chrysler's success we will be reminded by the haters out there that Chrysler had nowhere to go but up and that their sales improvements are based on such low previous years numbers. BUt isn't that the point? Chrysler was near death and is now (i would venture to say) in a better position that GM and Ford. New models are in the pipeline and either available for sales or soon will be. They successfully refreshed poorly performing product into products that are market competitive. They are killing poor product lines (think Caliber) and flooring great replacements (Dart). Chrysler, as long as it is allowed to be Chrysler, has a great future. We should remember, the problems the company found itself in 2008/2009 are a direct result of the "merger" with Daimler and its subsequent sale to Cerberus. How could they hope to perform under those circumstances? Now Chrysler is Chrysler of the 90's; fresh and vibrant.

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    • TheEndlessEnigma TheEndlessEnigma on Oct 04, 2012

      @el scotto Think you just made my point for me. Thanks.

  • GarbageMotorsCo. GarbageMotorsCo. on Oct 03, 2012

    Good news for Chysler. As a former paid GM fanboi/troll, they were one of the targets we never paid attention to because the product spoke for itself and dwindling sales along with 2 Bankruptcys and being batted around different organizations was the result. Chrysler was a non-starter, we had bigger fish to fry on the Ford, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and Honda fanboards. But now that they are refreshed and back on a roll with competitive, even class leading product, I'm sure it will pain my former GM colleagues to see their success coming at the cost of GM their own sales while the ever increasing rental sales make up for those losses in the GM arena. Oops. It also proabably pains them the most that now that Chrysler is an import brand that is owned by the Italians, it's now one more foriegn foe that is shrinking the remaining "Buy Mericun" crowd by luring them with imports. Poor Government Motors. They just can't win.