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Sergio & Co aren’t the only ones partying it up in Vegas. Toyota is hosting its own bachelor party in Sin City, complete with products like a new Avalon, RAV4, Scion tC and a next-generation Corolla described as

“…cool. It is hip, it is fun. It is everything that the consumer is not expecting in that segment.”

The Detroit News reports that the new products were unveiled at Toyota’s Las Vegas dealer meeting. The Avalon has already been revealed, while the RAV4 will apparently ditch its trademark tailgate mounted spare tire. While one dealer interviewed by the publication said “people are going to fall in love with this car — especially at that price point,” our own coverage and review of the Japanese market Corolla suggests otherwise.


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29 Comments on “Toyota Wakes Up From Its Product Hangover, Lets Loose In Vegas...”

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    Hmm…their description of the next US-spec Corolla doesn’t sound anything like the JDM Corolla Axio we saw earlier – the Corolla that has no use for silly words like cool, hip, or fun, and is damn proud of it!

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      I’m betting that spare tire is off of the RAV4 because they are making Continental tire kit standard for the Corolla and don’t want to upstage the Corolla.

      Pretty hip and fun, especially if the tires have wide whitewalls!!!!

      Curb feelers will be extra.

      A wired spark plug near the exhaust tip and a fuel enrichment button to blow flame out the pipe won’t be offered in Cali and will be a dealer installed option.

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    Polar Bear

    The new model Toyota Auris, the hatchback version of Corolla, is already revealed in Europe. There is no reason to panic, the new Auris is as bland and boring as the Toyotas we all know and love.

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      it is? Compared to what? Porsche?

      New Auris is definetly not bland.

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        People will say a Toyota is bland regardless of what it actually looks like because, well, it’s a Toyota, and to say otherwise hurts their street cred.

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        Redav – some people may knee-jerkly say Toyota = bland. But others will accept that Toyota can make “exciting” cars, the new FRS (albeit engineered mainly by Subaru) is a recent example. But it is also undeniable that they do generally make bland cars – the Corolla is a recent example of that. There is no problem with them doing that, I chose my minivan because I wanted bland and boring (reliable, unexciting etc). But if I want a sports sedan in later life then Toyota probably won’t have anything to offer. Every company has its strengths and weaknesses.

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    Not feeling optimistic. Whenever marketing types describe something as “cool, hip and fun” it’s a guaranteed fail. The cool hipsters see it as none of those things and the older buyer dislikes the changes made in the attempt. And when I hear “price point” instead of “quality” stressed I assume it means that the interior is as cheap (or God forbid, cheaper) as the current model. I rented one last month, and while it drove OK, I would consider a Kia or a Dart before ever buying one. Just way too low-budget in there.

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      That wasn’t a ‘marketing type’ but a dealer who presumably was giving her opinion on what she thought of the product… and was not intended as a sound bite for the 6 o’clock news.
      And remember, the AE86 that was the inspiration for the FRS was a Corolla.

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        Also remember that the Tercel that is/was the inspiration for the Echo and Yaris was a Corolla.

        Toyota has had a long run of blandmobiles. I will agree with the comment on the dealer however. If you’ve ever spent any time at those sales rallys, you’ll believe almost anything they tell you…

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      It immediately put Dr. Evil from Austin Powers in my head.

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    the only way your getting all of that in a Toyota is to drop 380K on the LFA. Cool, Hip, and fun seems to cost alot now-a-days.

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    I loathe automakers that define their econoboxes with awful words such as these.

    Also, the mere idea of a cool Corolla is unimaginable.

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      I take it you’ve never heard of the GT-S or Levin models of the late 80’s and early 90’s? There actually WAS a time when the Corolla, like most Toyotas, were pretty neat compared to the competition.

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        Well… Point taken. The first Corolla to be sold regularly in Brazil was the US-spec, 1992 sedan model.

        But I know these cars from the PS’ Gran Turismo series.

        Anyway, there’s been almost 20 years since the last cool Corolla, so I wasn’t entirely off.

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    “…cool. It is hip, it is fun. It is everything that the consumer is not expecting in that segment.”

    — Uhm, isn’t that what Scion is supposed to be?

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    Talk is pretty cheap, much like the Corolla. When Toyota designs a compact that actually IS cool, hip, and fun, then I’ll listen. You can call a turd “hip” and “cool” but it’ll still be a turd.

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    I don’t get why that’s even something they announced, given that you can already buy a RAV4 without the spare on the tailgate. it’s part of the Sport package, it’s been out for like 2 years.

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    let me finish the title “Toyota Wakes Up From Its Product Hangover, Lets Loose In Vegas and realizes it was a bachlor party and now has to explain the whole mess by stating it was cool, hip and we had fun.” I guess the party really is over.

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    el scotto

    “people are going to fall in love with this car — especially at that price point,” Yeah, just like the cheap latex gloves I use for dirty jobs.

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    Speaking of Toyota marketing initiatives, am I the only one legitimately insulted by their most recent Camry ads?

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    Richard Chen

    Does this mean the RAV4 finally gets a rear bumper?

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    “while the RAV4 will apparently ditch its trademark tailgate mounted spare tire.”

    Hello obvious cost-cutting move. “Price point” is should also be setting off some alarm bells.

    The new Avalon, while doing a decent ripoff of the Fusion’s front end design, is probably too aggressively styled for it’s mostly senile customer base.

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    The day that Toyota or Honda, especially Honda, make cars that aren’t rolling sleeping pills will probably be the day I die, and I’m just delusional in my final hours. They just make boring cars, and I don’t expect that to change. The most exciting thing (to me) that Toyota makes now is the Tundra! And it’s not earth shattering, even for a truck. Honda has nothing at all, never really has had anything slightly interesting.

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      I think you may be the first person ever to describe the NSX and S2000 as not being even “slightly interesting”.

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      No manufacturer has an interesting car in most mainstream markets. That’s why they’re mainstream cars.

      Did you think the Malibu was exciting? The Fusion? How about the 200, 6 or Sonata? None of these are pulse-quickeners, nor have any of their antecedents been. Oh, sure, you might get a swoopy bit of styling and maybe a touch more power and/or steering feel, but we’re talking about the difference between vanilla, french vanilla and creamy vanilla.

      Toyota just happened to realize, perhaps sooner and more truthfully than most, that exciting cars are often a distraction from the day-in/day-out business of making money and selling what people want to buy. Yes, GM builds the Corvette, but GM can’t survive on Corvettes alone, and even Ferrari has FIAT and it’s reams of (let’s be honest, not that exciting) mainstream cars to bankroll it’s dreams.

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    With the very rare exception of a couple of cars in the 80s and early 90s, Toyota has proven to only be good at building vanilla cars. Their attempts at being “Crazy and Wild” end up being a visual $350k disaster like the LFA.

    What do you expect Toyota and their shills to say?

    “We are excited to offer bland and unoriginal cars again this year!”

    Of course not.

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    Why all the negativity about vanilla? It is the most popular flavor in the world. Followed by chocolate, and strawberry.

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