By on September 27, 2012

European auto sales likely will fall 8 percent this year, Renault/Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn told Reuters today in Paris. Should some industry leaders be hoping for government help, then Ghosn has bad news for them. There is “zero chance” for a government-led restructuring of Europe’s auto industry. ” Every company is going to have to deal with its own problems,” Ghosn said.

On the Nissan side, the tensions between China and Japan are “bad news in the short term” for Nissan’s sales in China, said Ghosn. “We’re watching carefully the situation, and we’re adjusting our production.”

TTAC was not invited to go to Paris, but we bribed a security guard at Renault to take some candid iPhone shots.

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5 Comments on “Ghosn Sees European Market Fall Further, But “Zero Chance” For Bailout...”

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    i didn’t know Nissan hired Mr.Bean as CEO

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    Can we get more pics of Ghosn waving his hands around???

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      That’s the tell-tale sign of a former cigarette smoker.

      Example: a training vid for the inspection form software we use featured a guy who incessantly talked with his hands. Hilarious.

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    “There is ‘zero chance’ for a government-led restructuring of Europe’s auto industry. ‘Every company is going to have to deal with its own problems’.”

    Man… Imagine if our great leader took that approach a couple years ago. Where would our ecomomy be? Where would our auto industry be? Probably missing a few models and raised demand, but overall still present and producing. I think a lot of things could be learned from someone who sticks by their convictions and does what they knows is right by people… rather than what’s “best for business”.

    Business always has and always SHOULD be “survival of the fittest”. Its just the natural order of things.

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      i thought the EU was against selective bailouts of certain car companies as it represents an unfair advantage to certain companies and countries… particular germany who are quite alright thank you

      also renault/nissan are quite alright too so why would they want the govt. to help those like psa or opel

      as much as i dislike the US bailouts one must acknowledge the effect on hundreds of thousands losing their jobs if they didn’t bail and the fact the bailouts are really minor compared to the bank bailouts… and newsflash… the gov. will get their money back unlike the bank bailouts

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