CAW Still Talking To Chrysler, GM, As Pace Slows

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
caw still talking to chrysler gm as pace slows

The CAW is still in talks with Chrysler and General Motors to continue hammering out the details of their labor agreements, but the discussions have reportedly slowed as the two companies comb through the Reuters

“Until we get into some meaningful dialogue on the economics – that’s the key hurdle obviously – there’s still a gulf until we know where the companies are at and what they’re thinking and what kind of response that they’re prepared to give.”

Nevertheless, the likely outcome is that the Ford agreement will be adapted, with some minor changes. The rhetoric from both Ford and the CAW leading up to the agreement was strong, yet the deal managed to stave off a permanent two-tier wage system for new hires, while adding new jobs and investment into Ontario’s auto manufacturing sector. In return, Ford shed some of their “fixed costs” by modifying their defined-benefits pension plan, and paying out lump sum figures rather than permanent wage increases.

While Ford managed to restore some jobs for the laid off workers at St. Thomas, it will be interesting to see if the CAW can find some work for those who were laid off the Oshawa consolidated line when Impala production was moved to the U.S.

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  • Mullholland Mullholland on Sep 18, 2012

    I think you need to take Ford out of your headline and replace it with GM.

  • Tosh Tosh on Sep 18, 2012

    It appears the car has been painted, so why is the fender black?

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    • Snakebit Snakebit on Sep 18, 2012

      @dejal1 Correctimondo. Also notice the assembler has gloves on. Used to be they didn't care about scratches until final assembly was done, then the car got diverted to another area to correct blemishes and scratches. Not anymore. When I was visiting the MINI factory a couple of years ago in the UK, all of us just walking along with the cars had to wrap our wedding rings, watches, and hand and arm jewelry with masking tape, before we entered the post-painting assembly area.

  • Mikey Mikey on Sep 18, 2012

    @snakebit....FYI...As far back as the early 80s we at GM we had to wear gloves, and anti scratch protective gear. Visiting a plant is not the same as working in one.