Fisker CEO Out, Volt-Chief In

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
fisker ceo out volt chief in

Here is the perfect way to fight a brewing PR disaster from boiling over: Fire your CEO! Fisker Automotive named the former head of the Chevy Volt, Tony Posawatz, as CEO today, “marking the second time the green car start-up has replaced its top executive this year,” as Reuters can’t help to remark.

Posawatz takes the hot chair of Tom LaSorda who was crowned Fisker CEO just six months ago. Someone must be unhappy. LaSorda told Reuters he would provide “fatherly advice,” which I am sure nobody will seek or listen to, as it is the custom under these arrangements.

Tony Posawatz was Line Director of the Volt since 2006. He left GM this summer, allegedly into early retirement. He won’t need a father figure.

I am sure the news of fired replaced chiefs will immediately distract the yapping dogs from fires that started somewhere in front of the tire.

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