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Anything More Than A Mouthful Is Wasted - Jaguar Photo

Jaguar is getting ready to launch their F-Type, the long anticipated successor to the fabled E-Type of yore. If there ever was a car that was associated with the word “sexy” it’s the E-Type, first introduced at the Geneva auto show in 1961. The two-seater F-Type will get its debut next month at the Paris auto show and it looks like Jaguar is trying to sex up the launch by announcing that indie music and YouTube sensation Lana Del Rey will “collaborate” with the car company on that launch and be the F-Type’s public face.

Del Rey, aka Elizabeth Grant, affects a sultry, retro look and sound that Wikipedia tells us is akin to a “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”. Considering some of the real Nancy Sinatra’s father’s associates, I wonder if that’s intentionally ironic or hip. I wasn’t even hip when Nancy first put on her walking boots and I’m certainly not hip now so when I read of Jaguar’s announcement I had to find out who or what Lana Del Rey was. We won’t know how sexy the F-Type is until we see it without camo next month but I’m pretty sure that most folks would consider that Ms. Del Rey meets a standard for sex appeal. As a matter of fact, she’s come into some criticism for using that sex appeal to further her career. Small wonder, then, that she wore a bathing suit with considerable décolletage for the photo shoot Jaguar arranged for the announcement. Of course this is nothing new. Automobile marketers have used sex to sell cars since before that steer-roping, bronco-busting girl was driving a Jordan Playboy somewhere west of Laramie, and according to Ralph Gilles, the new SRT Viper was modeled after the mental image of Halle Barry lying on her side.

Exit question: Jaguar cars had an important role in the most recent season of Mad Men. Jaguar design chief Ian Callum has said that a Jaguar has to have sensuous curves, including what some call hips and others call haunches. Did Jaguar go with Lana Del Rey because Christina Hendricks wasn’t available?

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32 Comments on “Driving In Cars With Boys: Is This Any Way To Sell A Sports Car?...”

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    As a 61 year man I might (and that’s a big might) be able to afford a Jaguar, I’ve never heard of this lady. Maybe I’m out of touch with moder pop, but I wonder if this is really going to help market their cars.

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      No offense intended, but I think what Jaguar might be getting at is that you if you buy one, girls like Lana Del Ray will hop in it with you. That’s kind of the Jag image anyway. ;)
      She’s a better choice than say Lady Gaga or Nikki Minaj because her voice is evocative of an earlier generation of singers, that might be more familiar to your average gentleman with the means to afford a Jaguar.

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      I’m not far behind you but I’ve heard of her. I like her, you can check her out at

      passiv: “gentleman with the means to afford a Jaguar.”

      Maybe you should be helping Jag with their ad copy. IMHO, that hits the right notes.

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    Well, considering her current album has her driving around the Hamptons in a Bugatti, Jag is kind of a step down. This seems like a fairly savvy move to me.

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    Ronnie Schreiber wrote, ” If there ever was a car that was associated with the word “sexy” it’s the E-Type, first introduced at the Geneva auto show in 1961.”

    The other word that comes to mind is “uncomfortable.” I have always regarded the E-type as beautiful but have never driven one and only had the opportunity to sit in one a year or so ago. Or should I say, attempt to sit in one. I’m tall but not outrageously so and getting into the car involves first bashing your hip against the door jamb and then attempting to twist your legs under the wheel.

    I’ve driven and ridden in some cars that were just a bit too small for me but this was a new experience in uncomfortable. I probably could have gotten along OK in the passenger side… but that’s not the way to experience the Jaguar, is it?

    They still look great, though.

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    Polar Bear

    That photo is no way to sell a sports car. There is no cleavage.

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    It might just be me, but the hand tatoos seem particularly low-class. They are a little more jailhouse or DeNiro in “Cape Fear” and a little less wealthy aristocrat. A strange choice for sure.

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    Christina Hendricks appeared at Jaguar/Playboy’s Pebble Beach party unveiling the new XJL Ultimate, along with Wyclef Jean and Adrien Brody. All in all, a far better celebrity haul than Bahar managed for Lotus’s big debutante ball.

    My opinion of Lana Del Ray is mixed. Her voice has an intriguing lilt to it, and she definitely has talent, but her lyrics are about as awful as lyrics can be.

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    Lana Del Rey is a bit more into the car culture than you guys might know. Her choice of the “Del Rey” moniker has something to do with the Ford Del Rey. The car’s logo appears in one of her videoclips.

    Also, she drives a 1981 Mercedes SL.

    Beautiful, amazing voice and into cars. I’d marry this one.

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    I always thought it was the Mercury Del Ray, not a Ford. Pero, no le hace nada, as they say. She doesn’t scream (or even whisper) “Luxury!” to me, in any case.

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    I don’t understand Jaguar’s marketing. They’ve been running some ads showing the XF in red (sexy), the XJ in navy (classy) and the XK in baby blue (WTF?).

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    Domestic Hearse

    In the movie Crazy People, Dudley Moore played an advertising executive driven mad by the profession. After completely losing it, he was sent to a mental hospital where he recruited the patients (including a beautiful love interest played by Daryl Hannah) to become ad copywriters and art directors. One of their ads was for Jaguar, where a beautiful woman poses in front of the car below a headline that reads:

    For men who’d like hand jobs from women they hardly know.

    Art, imitating life, imitating art. Still. Again.

    As for Ms Del Rey, it seems she’s merely one of an interchangeable procession of pretty somethings who beckon men of means to purchase expensive sheet metal.

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    Johnny Canada

    Is this any way to sell a sports car? Well, Gorgeous tried it a few years ago.

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    It works for me.

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    juicy sushi

    Ah Jaguar, as Clarkson puts it: “Cars for the kind of man who takes his wife to the restaurant and then spends all night flirting with the waitress. Good.”

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    Never heard of her, so headed to You Tube. She features what looks like a 428 Cobra Jet Mustang in “Born To Die”. Observations: 1. She’s not as pretty as she looks in the photo above. 2. The music is mediocre at best. 3. She has a retro theme in some videos, but not a retro sound. 4. The music is not likely to appeal to many Jag customers. Pretty lousy choice.

    If I’m Jaguar and I need some music and eye candy, I go with Diana Krall. She’s better looking and her jazzy sound hearkens back to Jaguar’s heyday. I could see a montage as she sings songs from various eras (Fly Me to the Moon, Walk on By..), with vintage jags from those periods as the backdrop, finishing with the new one. The connotation…a new classic is born.

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    She’s awful. Jaguar could have done better. Just like her entry to the music business, I’m sure her daddy paid them a pretty penny. Had to look her up when she was on SNL a while ago, to find out how someone like that would be given that spot.

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    I’m not sure that not selling too many records makes you indie. She’s more of an internet phenom than a music world phenom and I’m not sure she’s a phenom any more.

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