And Now, All The Japanese Numbers

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
and now all the japanese numbers

While we are waiting for the U.S. July sales table to populate, let me entertain or bore you with all the numbers from Japan. This was made possible by the , the Japan Mini Vehicles Association finally publishing its outstanding table. Domo arigatou.

Regular vehicle sales Japan July ’12ManufacturerJuly ’12July ’11YoYYTD ’12YTD ’11YoYDaihatsu272316-13.9%1,8511,56818.0%Hino2,9292,65010.5%24,20516,35548.0%Honda45,62733,71135.3%314,899209,48450.3%Isuzu4,7643,55933.9%34,99820,98866.8%Lexus4,4814,528-1.0%27,34422,27322.8%Mazda16,89018,035-6.3%108,32183,40429.9%Mitsubishi3,8564,740-18.6%34,34432,3216.3%Mitsubishi Fuso2,8352,13332.9%21,09912,64066.9%Nissan44,88541,8107.4%323,296251,50728.5%Subaru10,1916,17964.9%58,07241,87238.7%Suzuki8,2697,13116.0%58,81446,20527.3%Toyota165,666101,79062.8%1,037,149584,14477.6%UD Trucks600700-14.3%5,4453,86041.1%Other17,27814,19021.8%135,640110,03023.3%Total328,543241,47236.1%2,185,4771,436,65152.1%

As we well know by now, sales of regular vehicles are only part of the Japanese story. Two thirds of the story, to be exact ( in a way.)

Mini vehicle sales Japan July ’12ManufacturerJuly ’12July ’11YoYYTD ’12YTD ’11ChangeSuzuki52,04843,78018.9%368,555269,85436.6%Daihatsu64,79048,24234.3%444,869299,88348.3%Mitsubishi7,2727,2390.5%54,69957,560-5.0%Subaru5,4587,890-30.8%52,29446,44012.6%Honda28,98110,803168.3%190,65775,217153.5%Mazda4,8993,14655.7%32,98626,27125.6%Nissan15,06310,48043.7%103,27080,40228.4%Toyota6,067027,647Other46-33.3%27258.0%Total184,582131,58640.3%1,275,004855,65249.0%

Sales of mini vehicles add the remaining third of Japanese car sales. Here, we see Toyota’s mini vehicle division Daihatsu still ruling the roost, but as Derek reports after reading just-auto, Suzuki is coming on strong when it comes to keis.

Total vehicle sales Japan July ’12ManufacturerJuly ’12July ’11YoYMS July ’12MS July ’11Daihatsu65,06248,55834.0%12.7%13.0%Hino2,9292,65010.5%0.6%0.7%Honda74,60844,51467.6%14.5%11.9%Isuzu4,7643,55933.9%0.9%1.0%Lexus4,4814,528-1.0%0.9%1.2%Mazda21,78921,1812.9%4.2%5.7%Mitsubishi11,12811,979-7.1%2.2%3.2%Mitsubishi Fuso2,8352,13332.9%0.6%0.6%Nissan59,94852,29014.6%11.7%14.0%Subaru15,64914,06911.2%3.0%3.8%Suzuki60,31750,91118.5%11.8%13.6%Toyota171,733101,79068.7%33.5%27.3%UD Trucks600700-14.3%0.1%0.2%Other17,28214,19621.7%3.4%3.8%Total513,125373,05837.5%

All cars considered, the situation looks like this. In July, that 6,000 unit gap between Suzuki and Nissan shrunk to 369, but Suzuki is still ahead …

Japan Big Three July ’12GroupToyota Motor CoNissanHondaUnits July ’12239,72459,94874,608Units July ’11152,99852,29044,514Units YoY56.7%14.6%67.6%MS July ’1246.7%11.7%14.5%MS July ’1141.0%14.0%11.9%Units YTD ’121,535,721426,566505,556Units YTD ’11901,950287,284289,886MS YTD ’1244.4%12.3%14.6%MS YTD ’1139.3%12.5%12.6%YoY YTD70.3%48.5%74.4%

And here, the all-important group level view.

See, Japanese numbers aren’t that hard at all!

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  • G35X G35X on Aug 01, 2012

    Actually the Chinese characters were introduced to Japan much earlier… in the AD200’s by intellectuals fleeing from Korean peninsula as China started losing its control over people there. Thence the name kanji (Han characters). Thereafter, Buddhist missionaries brought scriptures written in the Chinese characters, which themselves are phonetic translation of Sanskrit. The Japanese found the Chinese characters so convenient and started using them in their writing of their own language inventing along the way phonetic signs kana (kind of simplified kanji) and hirakana (streamelined kana). This is the reason why there are two or more pronunciations of a character in Japan - traditional Japanese way and the Chinese way. Since the Chinese let the Japanese use the Chinese characters and other cultural and technological knowledge free of charge, they think they have the right to copy the design of Corolla and other Japanese products, logos and tradenames.

  • RobertRyan RobertRyan on Aug 01, 2012

    Getting back to the subject of the post, Isuzu figures are for primarily their heavier trucks, they do not sell SUV's in Japan. Same with Mitsubishi Fuso(now part of Daimler) and Nissan UD now UD Trucks owned by Volvo.

  • Alan GM is still dying. The US auto manufacturing sector overall needs to restructure. It is heavily reliant on large protected vehicles with far more protection than the EU has on its vehicles (25% import tariff).Globally GM has lost out in the EU, UK, Australia, etc. GM has shut down in Australia because it is uncompetitive in a global market. Ford still exists in Australia but is reliant on a Thai manufactured pickup, the Ranger which is Australia's second largest selling vehicle.The US needs to look at producing global products, not 'murica only products. Asians and Europeans can do it. America is not unique.
  • Duane Baldinger Ya my cupcake Mailman will love it!
  • Duane Baldinger Where can I send the cash? It's a surprise BDAY present for my cupcake Mailman. D Duane
  • Art Vandelay Pour one out for the Motors Liquidation Corporation
  • Bill Wade Norm, while true I'll leave you with this. My 2023 RAM is running Android 8 released in 2017.My wife's navigation on her GM truck is a 2021 release, I believe the latest. Android Auto seems to update very week or two. Now, which would you rather have? Anybody with a car a couple of years old NEVER sees any updates. Heck, if your TV is a few years old it's dead on updates. At least cell phones are rapidly updated. If your old phone won't update, buy another $200 phone. If your GM vehicle doesn't update do what, buy another $50,000 GM vehicle?