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Now that the banning rules are out of the way, here a few more reasons why your comment may not show up.

Your comment will not show up, if …

You have just registered. Comments of new sign-ons need to be manually rescued from the moderation queue. This is to keep comments free of spam.

The comment was caught by the “bad word filter.”  WordPress has a “bad word” list.  A comment with a word that is on the list is put into the moderation queue and needs to be manually rescued. We check the queue regularly, sometimes, not so regularly.  Our bad word  list is very short, it has four words that would cause any FCC monitor to explode. However, the bad word function is rather silly.  It rings alarm when a bad word is within a good word. When I took over, “idiotope” and “idiothermic” were considered bad.  So were “shitake” mushrooms and “massspectrometric”. Just to name a few.   Those bad words have been removed. The few remaining on the list should not pose problems. I hope.

The comment was caught by the spam filter. This is tricky. The filter will reject comments it considers spam. How it does that is its dirty little secret, and it appears to have a mind of its own. If you don’t see your message, try to change it a bit and post it again. If it still does not show up, please drop us a line.

You are using a “throwaway” email address. Comments from people (or bots)  who use certain anonymous email providers have a high rate of spam, and therefore are blocked at TTAC. It is a long list, ranging from “” via “@discardmail  all the way to “” (I kid you not). If you sign up using one of those, the sign-up will not be accepted. Once signed-up, this lockout should not be a problem for you, unless  you manually change your email address to one of the throwaway guys.  If you can’t comment after changing your email address, change it back.

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64 Comments on “Why Does That @#$%^ Comment Not Show Up?...”

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    Anyone should be able to make your point without using @#$%^ anyway.

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    So what if my comment shows up, someone responds to it, I respond, and then when I go and look for it later our part of the conversation is kaput? I send the editor a note and he says he has no record of it. How did that happen?

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    Also, why can’t I reply to some comments? The reply box does not show up in the bottom corner of each post.

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    Herr Schmitt, I haven’t been here long enough to know most posters, but it is interesting that you actually dedicate your time to explain why those clowns are banished by TTAC. The 1st time I witnessed that dedication was VD got kick-out due to his lack of humor & die-hard attack of new writer (new to the site). The 2nd incident was yesterday.

    Will you continue to dedicate an article for each and every offender that is banned or banish from the site? It is very gentleman of you to do so & it is also very rare. However, is it effective? You do know those folks can easily sign up for another user name & avatar, right?

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      Usually, the notification happens as a comment in the thread itself. This is supposed to be educational, people need to know that and why administrative action is taken.

      Bans are rare, and should not happen at all. However, warnings should be taken seriously. I do not make idle threats.

      As far as re-upping goes: The email address is also blocked. We had one very bad case where a commenter made real live threats. For him, other technical measures were taken to prevent him from re-upping even after creating new email accounts.

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      Would calling someone a “clown” be considered a personal attack, akin to calling someone a moron?

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    I gave up. After about 10 tries and nothing showing up, I stopped trying. I doubt this will show up.

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    I got caught out by the spam filter yesterday, I have no idea why. First edit (and repost) didn’t help, it was also caught, the second retry worked, something I changed obviously got the spam filter to accept it.

    This morning the first two also showed up on the site, whether automatically or else manually approved by TTAC staff.

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    …If you see Kay, tell that son of a biscuit eater that I’ve got to be more careful with my posts…She eye tee!

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    The TTAC spam filter is a tricky beast. Sometimes during RF’s and Ed’s tenure, ALL of my comments would be caught by the spam filter for days at a time. Neither RF nor Ed could figure out the problem.

    I got around this issue by making a second user name “ajla-” and posting under that name. With the exact same comment content, on the same machine, in the same location- the posts would suddenly go through just fine.

    I saw yesterday that the new commenting policy included a restriction on the number of user names someone can post under, so I’m not sure if posting under my “ajla-” name would be allowed anymore (I use the same avatar and don’t represent myself as a different person). Fortunately, I haven’t had a stuck comment in the last few months.

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    Now if the edit feature just worked better. Overall I really like TTAC, but editing a comment after posting is at best hit or miss. I don’t know if it’s the program itself or that I’m using a mobile device. Usually I just hope the other readers will realize it’s a typo when I refer to a Ford 35C, and mean 351C.

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    You gotta do something to ensure respectability and credibility if you have as many readers and followers as ttac has.

    Most don’t comment, but they do read. I was that way for many, many years, all the way back to the glorious, pure and unadulterated days of Farago. I loved his commentary! But there’s no sense in getting people’s hackles up with @#$%^ comments.

    For Wallstreet: if you tag the IP address and label it as undesirable, the firewall will spit it back. It doesn’t matter what screen name or account you use from that IP address, it won’t pass the firewall. I do it all the time. I use ZoneAlarm on my home-area network file-server firewall PC. It works great!

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      If you want to see a site that doesn’t understand the fact that the quality of their comments reflects on the site, check out newsblog.
      Just about every article has a GM/Ford/Dodge/Toyota fan-boy flame war that make these “grown men” look like a bunch of toddlers. It’s good for a laugh, but who wants to comment when every constructive commenter gets flamed?

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        Yeah, but many of those guys are trolls, intent on driving a point home to show their favorite truck in a favorable light. As a truck enthusiast I have commented on PUTC if the topic is within my experiences.

        But you’re gonna get this on any site. We have some posers (poseurs) on ttac as well, and people who will hammer on a point that is only valid from their perspective.

        Those guys may be right from their perspective, and want to get that point across, but often they fail to see the forest for the trees.

        For instance, bean counters play a very important part in an organization and count the beans. That’s their station in life. They function in an advisory capacity. They’re not decision makers.

        Bean counters do not make any money for any business. Bean counters are an expense. They generate no income. Income is earned by the sales staff or repair staff or whatever staff/technicians a business employs that actually brings in the cash.

        Where would Ford be today if Alan Mulally had listened to his bean counters before hocking the Blue Oval? Or Fiat, if Sergio Marchionne had listened to his bean counters. Or Carlos Ghosn? Bean counters are not the decision makers. The people in actual positions of power are what makes any business go.

        I’m picking on bean counters but the same applies to anyone trying to push a point too hard because of their point of view or personal experience.

        Many commenters often attach way to much significance to their own knowledge based on their own point of view without regard to the point of views of others. Facts are interpreted differently depending on where you are in the hierarchy of a firm.

        And that’s where the heated arguments spill over into name calling and adult-child communication. And that’s what the staff at ttac is trying to address. PUTC hasn’t gotten there yet. But PUTC also doesn’t have the number of eyeballs that ttac has, scanning their articles.

        And of course the trolls. The way I see it, if people don’t agree with my comments, no problem. Feel free to skip over them. My feelings are not hurt. I’m not offended.

        I can only base my comments on my own experiences and more than 30 years of being affiliated with my brothers’ multi-brand dealerships. They must have been successful. They retired wealthy. And that’s what it’s all about.

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        You are absolutely right about commentators having varying points of views, the comment section loses its validity when the commentators are unable to handle conflicting opinions without resorting to name calling.

        Interesting that you would make an example of bean counters, as I would call myself a bean counter in many ways, and I might dare say that the bean counting financial analysts saw the storm on the horizon and advised Mulally to mortgage the farm, and those same bean counters did the math at Fiat to figure out if acquiring Chrysler would be beneficial in the long run. The bean counters don’t directly generate revenue, they create the revenue generating opportunities.

        Back on topic:
        What’s frustrating about PUTC is that there are a select few, probably less than ten commentators, that have made a sport out of trolling the PUTC comment section, and site management has allowed it to continue. What I don’t buy is that they don’t have the resources… they are a affiliate. They have the technical knowledge and the manpower to start banning the worst offenders.

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        I agree with you that bean counters fill an important advisory position within an organization. But they are only advisors and not the decision makers.

        So it is difficult for me to read comments from some people who insist that the automotive world is flat, when the ones calling the shots are telling us it is more or less round. I know it to be more or less oval, but that is my perspective based on my own experiences.

        Yet there are some who persist in that fashion and often belittle the views and comments from others who may have infinitely more real-world management experience than they do.

        I may read their arguments but I refuse to be drawn in. Everyone is entitled to their pursuit of happiness and peace of mind, even if it is wrong for others. and its related sites like kickintires and PUTC attract a certain clientele, for a lack of a better word, and are informative in their own sorta way. helped a a family friend in her search for a 2012 Grand Cherokee. When her Murano’s CVT went south for the second time in five years, it was time to buy something else.

        She did a new car search on and displayed those available within 250 miles, contacted a dealer up in Albuquerque for a viewing, drove my wife’s Grand Cherokee up there with my wife in the passenger seat, and the rest is history. She’s the proud owner of a 2012 Grand Cherokee now.

        So does serve a purpose. I believe that there are more readers and followers at ttac than, and ttac does rely heavily for its income from advertisers. So ttac has to be a lot more careful about offensive comments so as to not alienate their sources of income.

        That’s my view. Since ttac is now a Canadian-run site, there may also be some political correctness involved as well. Personally I liked Farago’s “let the pieces fall where they may” commentary. Those were the good ol’ days. Things change.

        The future of ttac depends largely on credibility. If the best and brightest decide that ttac has gone flaky or is pandering to a certain constituency, they’ll leave and find something else.

        I hope it never comes to that.

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      @highdesertcat…I’m the opposite. I started off back in 05, with lots of comments. I’m shocked that Farago didn’t ban me.

      These days I read more, and comment less. I enjoy reading ALL the comments that get through. If I feel the need to mount a personal attack. I just talk to my trusty lap top. I just keep my fingers of the key board.

      For what its worth,I believe the present TTAC management is doing a wonderful job.

      • 0 avatar

        Yep, I remember your comments. You even brought out a smile a couple of times by what you had to say.

        Farago was a lot more lenient back then, and he also didn’t rely on the same sources of income, nor were his expenses the same since the contributors weren’t paid the same, if at all.

        I agree with you that the ttac staff is doing a great job. And I know the “handles” of some of the posters. I actually know the people behind those screen names because I met them over the years. Those guys are pretty high up in whatever automotive organization they have devoted their life to.

        And as long as I keep periodically seeing those names pop up, I’m comfortable that the people reading have not lost interest in ttac.

      • 0 avatar

        …….I actually know the people behind those screen names because I met them over the years…..

        I often thought that TTAC should produce a small window decal with a TAAC logo available for purchase by B&B only. I would like to see other B&B out on the road. Meeting them would be quite a trip, even if only a quick contact (figuratively of course) during my morning commute. I be able to show Bigtruckseries that my hybrid most certainly won’t be holding his 300 back!!

      • 0 avatar

        Hi mikey,

        I agree. Bertel and the management team at TTAC are doing a great job. And the effect of banning and reminding everyone of the contract we all have are having the desired effect. I have commented on various topics over the past several months, and the language used by respondents, with respect shown for opposing positions, has improved markedly. TTAC is no doubt one of the best sites for comment-participation on the ‘net (on cars and otherwise).

        With regard to lost or un-posted comments: I have noticed that sometimes a comment I try to post after midnight unaccountably doesn’t make it. That can be frustrating if it was long and had references. One trick I learned to help out is simply to highlight the comment before hitting “Submit Comment”, and do a copy into Microsoft Word. Then if the comment initially went into cyberspace, you still have it to try the post again the following morning. Just a suggestion.


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      Lately, PUTC has been free of massive flame wars and I did see a pretty outrageous comment from a notorious troll disappear. I haven’t seen him post since.

      I don’t mind trolls as long as they keep it simi clean and free of direct attacks. You skip over them and they avoid you.

      Really, I just felt sorry for the trolls on TTAC and I’m not saying I miss them, but they’re just part of the internet landscape.

      TTAC is my favorite stop on the internet’s automotive hwy, for sure. It’s not just the rich variety of articles, but truely, it’s the comments section that make it a 10 out of 10.

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    I know when I first joined my comments got spit back out all the time. I’m glad procedures are taken to prevent spamming, a large portion of blogs I visit don’t have such a feature makes it hard to read through the comments.

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    The ‘your comment is awaiting moderation’ is always a nice one too.

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    When it comes to choice of language, I (usually) try to use the same rule I use with Facebook posts. Assume both my 15yo niece and 70yo aunt are reading it.

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    Can I say “fargin bastages”? That’s my favorite fake swear!

  • avatar

    Does anyone else randomly get logged off every so often? I think only once did I have a comment not get through, but the logoffs are more annoying.

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    BAD WORD!!!

    BAD WORD!!!!!!

    Ha Ha…I tricked your filters.

    • 0 avatar

      I’m curious why “masspectrometer” was considered a bad word? All the other “bad word” in your example is pretty self explanatory.

      • 0 avatar
        sunridge place

        I guess its if you drop the M and the SPECTROMETER from the original word…but that would filter a word like assume too…lets see if this makes it.

      • 0 avatar
        Japanese Buick

        I run a website for a business that has an online customer application. We had one customer who simply could not get his application accepted by the system. It took forever to figure out that it was his occupation that the spam filter was choking on. He was a “computer specialist”. See the problem? Hint, when he changed it to “computer speci alist” it was accepted. Lesson: embedded word spam filters are a PITA for everyone.

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    As a sporadic commentator and a regular reader I try to stick to some simple rules. Keep to the subject, be polite, never be derogatory and refrain from taking the bait… I like to call the trolls out when I see them.
    It’s the good users with interesting and smart points of view that keep me coming back.

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    I mentioned a banned users name in a comment the yesterday and my post didn’t display. Whatever.

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    hail victory

  • avatar

    My 531 proxies serve my nefarious desires well.

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    This is just a test. I once wrote a comment on Peugeot being in deep shit. That comment didn’t made it, presumably, because of “shit”. whether deep or not. Now, let’s see…

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    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    • 0 avatar

      It’s a conspiracy!


    • 0 avatar

      Bonhoeffer vs. TTAC?

      Hardly a good comparison. There’s nothing compulsory about TTAC, it’s a free site, if you don’t like the commentary or content, there are plenty of other places to be.

      There are many times I don’t like the content/writers/comments on here, but I just ignore it. And I have found other places to be.

      But please don’t trivialize Bonhoeffer.

  • avatar

    For what it’s worth, I signed on here two years ago because after checking out this and other automotive sites, TTAC is hands-down, the most informative, factual, honest and fun site of them all. Now I have to add “Curbside Classic” as an equal for a different direction.

    As far as the use of profanity, I see no reason to use it at all. Ditto for name-caling and other such immature content. Humorous comments? Yes, anything to lighten things up a bit. It’s all about cars, after all…

    I firmly agree with a statement once uttered by Red Skelton, when asked why he never used “blue” or profanity in his live shows. His answer? He didn’t want to offend anybody and he felt the use of such words was a “shortcut for thinking”.

    I couldn’t agree more, for reasons other than Mr. Skelton’s, but that’s merely how I feel, plus, no one appointed me judge and I don’t own the site!

    If I find something offensive – whether in the title or in the text or lead photo, I pass it by and wait for an article that interests me.

    TTAC, keep up the great work!

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    I thought likeing Saab got you kicked off ( I kid I kid ) but after the last person got sent to the cornfield I posted that Bartel should be force to drive the last Saab made and that did not get me banned so it must be the bad words he mentioned get people banned.

  • avatar

    I understand and accept the bad word filter that causes moderation, though I’ve noted famous people sometimes say colorful things, and I’m not a fan of changing verbatim quotes. I just find it ironic that actually quoting some of Mr. Farago’s posts from TTAC’s early days will get moderated.

  • avatar

    I changed my log in a few years ago to reduce the traceability (after the Jalopnik email scare, which led me to stop posting there altogether) so that I could return to commenting without fear of job impacts. Generally quite happy with the site, but I did like the ability of Jalopnik to show you when someone had replied to your post rather than you having to notice it. I would make more conversations and less one-and-done comments if something like that were used here too.

    • 0 avatar

      Gee, Type57SC, I thought that was what the “Notify-me-of-new-posts-by-email” button was for. Is that the sort of thing you meant? Or am I misunderstanding?


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    At the time of this typing, four new comments are sitting flagged as SPAM, two from KitaIkki, one from APaGttH, one from Ronnie Schreiber.

    I kept them there and referred them to our tech crew for them to find out what triggered the false positive.

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    What I want to know is: why IS this comment appearing?

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