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Associated Press writes (via the Clarion Ledger) that a company called GreenTech will today roll out a “two-seat neighborhood electric vehicle, a cross between a golf cart and conventional car, with a 115-mile range.” It won’t do more than 35 mph, and will cost around $10,000. The “car” might be unremarkable, the guest list of today’s event is not. The party in Horn Lake, Mississippi,will be attended by a lot of formers. Former President Bill Clinton and former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will attend, with former Democratic National Committee Chairman and now chairman of GreenTech, Terry McAuliffe, doing the honors. The CEO is Chinese businessman Xiaolin “Charles X” Wang.

Does this ring a bell? Yes, it’s the same company that says it erects a 300,000 car factory in Inner Mongolia. Yes’ it’s the same company that was started by a former and then fugitive Brilliance manager who said he would finance the company with funds raised through the EB-5 visa program. That program promises green cards to people who invest $500,000 in an underprivileged part of America. The Center for Immigration Studies along with many others call it either “a scam” or “investor fraud.” Terry McAuliffe is Bill Clinton’s former fundraiser who famously sold White House coffees and Lincoln Bedroom sleepovers to the highest bidder. No wonder Bill is at the party.

We could say a lot more about this, but we won’t. We already have. Click to be amazed.

PS: Thegreencarwebsite has different pricing information:

“The model comes with a choice of two battery packs; one lithium ion giving the car a driving range of 115 miles, the other, lead acid with a range of 51 miles. The lithium ion car will cost $18,000 or $10,000 with a battery lease contract. The lead acid model will cost $15,000. “

Good luck.


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7 Comments on “Lincoln Bedroom Sleepover Salesman Launches Neighborhood Vehicle With Bill Clinton In Attendance...”

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    115 miles at a blistering 35mph? Sounds like my commute across Seattle.

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    Alas, the latte sipping cell phone using lady in her SUV will take you right out… For a good laugh google up MacAuliffe and Global Crossing. Or Florida real estate. One thing hasn’t changed in about 10,000 years, politics and sleezy money make comfortable bed fella’s.

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    Haven’t a lot of companies, like Think, tried to sell a car like this and found absolutely no demand whatsoever?

    People love to tool around in golf carts in my neighborhood, especially kids who love getting their first taste of driving in any form, but I don’t understand why anyone would pay 2/3 the price of a car for maybe 25% of the capability.


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    Sounds just like a GEM EV (Chrysler) and how many of those do they sell each year?

    I’ve driven two examples and they are neat vehicles but I have no interest in driving at 35 mph when the speed limits through town go up to 45 mph. I watched a GEM cross town one day with a long line of traffic behind it. On that country road leading out of town the speed limit starts out at 35 mph and goes up to 50 mph.

    I need to go beyond my neighborhood.

    Want to sell me a car? Make it go 45 mph. That’ll get me all the way to work and back without breaking the speed limit and frankly I don’t need a $30K car to run 45 mph nor do I need cross country abilities or room for eight or nine people. It’s going to need heat and a/c though. Air conditioning isn’t really optional here in the south where temps have passed 109F in the past week.

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    el scotto

    You’d need to resurrect Hunter S Thompson to tell such a complete tale of greed and avarice. They’re all swine. Waving from C’ville.

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    MRF 95 T-Bird

    I wonder how many of these things they will sell. Large factories, Retirement communities etc. I think GEM or the others have this market covered. McAuliffe has always reminded me of a sleezy car salesman. Barbour reminds me of a cross between Boss Hogg and FogHorn Leghorn.

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    You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

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