Big June New Car Sales Jump: Strong Month, Or Strong Will To Succeed?

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Chrysler Group up 20 percent, GM up 16 percent, Toyota up 60 percent. Across the board sales up 22 percent (see table.)

June sales of new cars and trucks come in stronger than the cautious estimates of analysts. Why? America’s most successful sales predictor thinks everybody needed to “make that quarter.”

Edmunds Senior Analyst Michelle Krebs names the usual suspects:

“High auto sales volumes in June can be attributed to pent-up demand, some targeted incentive programs, low interest rates and falling gas prices. According to one of the latest consumer confidence surveys, consumers think now is a good time to buy a car, and they are finding deals on the 2012 model year vehicles that need to be cleared away.”

Her colleague, Edmunds Senior Analyst Jessica Caldwell has other suspicions:

“There was great pressure from automakers to close June strong, especially after the unexpectedly weak Memorial Day holiday weekend in May. It is the end of a quarter so undoubtedly they wanted to finish big. Two weak months in a quarter would make for unfavorable reporting.”

Table courtesy Automotive News [sub]

AutomakerJune 2012June 2011Pct. chng.6 month

20126 month

2011Pct. chng.BMW Group27,75226,8953%158,755143,70111% BMW division21,72521,6370%126,504113,70511% Mini5,9955,22815%32,05929,8168% Rolls-Royce32307%1921807%BMW Group27,75226,8953%158,755143,70111%Chrysler Group144,811120,39420%834,068639,93230% Chrysler Division26,86316,52963%167,75496,06875% Dodge44,31543,4012%261,578229,89814% Dodge/Ram69,42565,9485%404,061349,99615% Fiat4,0041,803122%20,7064,944319% Jeep44,51936,11423%241,547188,92428% Ram25,11022,54711%142,483120,09819%Chrysler Group144,811120,39420%834,068639,93230%Daimler AG25,39222,89611%142,649120,58818% Maybach4333%241833% Mercedes-Benz24,37122,5638%137,877118,01417% Smart USA1,017330208%4,7482,55686%Daimler AG25,39222,89611%142,649120,58818%Ford Motor Co.207,204193,4157%1,140,3831,069,7367% Ford division199,660186,0547%1,098,4211,027,4857% Lincoln7,5447,3613%41,96242,0030% Mercury–––%–248–100%Ford Motor Co.207,204193,4157%1,140,3831,069,7367%General Motors248,750215,33516%1,315,7131,261,6104% Buick18,85114,86827%90,19893,599–4% Cadillac12,12410,86012%62,81276,122–18% Chevrolet180,098156,83815%961,662904,5386% GMC37,67732,76915%201,041187,3517%General Motors248,750215,33516%1,315,7131,261,6104%Honda (American)124,80883,89249%700,982607,44215% Acura15,3708,70877%72,93660,68020% Honda Division109,43875,18446%628,046546,76215%Honda (American)124,80883,89249%700,982607,44215%Hyundai Group115,139104,25310%645,376567,90014% Hyundai division63,81359,2098%356,669322,79711% Kia51,32645,04414%288,707245,10318%Hyundai Group115,139104,25310%645,376567,90014%Jaguar Land Rover4,6324,5412%27,49723,70216% Jaguar1,0301,389–26%6,5066,4102% Land Rover3,6023,15214%20,99117,29221%Jaguar Land Rover4,6324,5412%27,49723,70216%Maserati22818921%1,2881,09717%Maserati22818921%1,2881,09717%Mazda19,91119,3073%143,797122,37918%Mazda19,91119,3073%143,797122,37918%Mitsubishi5,4118,299–35%32,87344,115–26%Mitsubishi5,4118,299–35%32,87344,115–26%Nissan92,23771,94028%577,721504,97314% Infiniti10,4366,28166%54,37747,26815% Nissan Division81,80165,65925%523,344457,70514%Nissan92,23771,94028%577,721504,97314%Porsche3,0022,54618%16,45015,5426%Porsche3,0022,54618%16,45015,5426%Saab Cars North America–323–100%–3,471–100%Saab Cars NA–323–100%–3,471–100%Subaru27,70219,79440%164,304132,04924%Subaru27,70219,79440%164,304132,04924%Suzuki2,2992,2781%12,99413,402–3%Suzuki2,2992,2781%12,99413,402–3%Toyota177,795110,93760%1,046,096812,78829% Lexus20,02210,77386%12,99413,402–3% Scion8,4003,456143%35,12126,62132% Toyota division149,37396,70855%902,843698,15729% Toyota/Scion157,773100,16458%937,964724,77829%Toyota177,795110,93760%1,046,096812,78829%Volkswagen51,05738,67332%274,960210,87730% Audi12,66410,05126%65,15855,90917% Bentley22317825%1,07784328% VW division38,17028,44434%208,725154,12535%Volkswagen51,05738,67332%274,960210,87730%Volvo Cars NA7,1077,1000%34,61836,304–5%Volvo Cars NA7,1077,1000%34,61836,304–5%Other (estimate)2622562%1,5721,5333%TOTAL1,285,4991,053,26322%7,272,0966,333,14115%
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  • Chicagoland Chicagoland on Jul 04, 2012

    Poor quality hurt the Neon. Mr. Eaton said 'get them on the truck' and not caring if cheaper head gaskets fail. They assumed people would buy new bigger, more profitable Mopar if Neon broke down. Was the same school of thought on Vegas and Pintos. No, instead went to other brands.

  • Pig_Iron Pig_Iron on Jul 04, 2012

    Poor Suzuki. How much longer?

  • Alan I would think Ford would beef up the drive line considering the torque increase, horse power isn't a factor here. I looked at a Harrop supercharger for my vehicle. Harrop offered two stages of performance. The first was a paltry 100hp to the wheels (12 000AUD)and the second was 250hp to the wheels ($20 000 (engine didn't rev harder so torque was significantly increased)). The Stage One had no drive line changes, but the Stage Two had drive line modifications. My vehicle weighs roughly the same as a full size pickup and the 400'ish hp I have is sufficient, I had little use for another 100 let alone 250hp. I couldn't see much difference in the actual supercharger setup other than a ratio change for the drive of the supercharger, so that extra $8 000 went into the drive line.
  • ToolGuy Question: F-150 FP700 ( Bronze or Black) supercharger kit is legal in 50 states, while the Mustang supercharger kit is banned in California -- why??
  • ToolGuy Last picture: Labeling the accelerator as "play" and the brake pedal as "pause" might be cute, but it feels wrong. It feels wrong because it is wrong, and it is wrong because Calculus.Sidebar: I have some in-laws who engage the accelerator and brake on a binary on/off all-in basis. So annoying as a passenger.Drive smoothly out there. 🙂
  • Johnny ringo It's an interesting vehicle, I'd like to see VW offer the two row Buzz in the states also.
  • Chuck Norton And guys are having wide spread issues with the 10 speed transmission with the HP numbers out of the factory......