GM China Outpaces Slowing Market

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
gm china outpaces slowing market

Our patent-pending oracle for the Chinese market has spoken and predicts slight June gains for the world’s largest car market. GM China did this by announcing a 10.1 percent gain on 213,495 units sold in June.

June ’12YoY6 monthsYoYGM China213,49510.1%1,417,04711.3%Shanghai GM109,1277.5%639,5496.6%Buick56,9955.3%343,2795.7%Chevrolet51,6400.6%302,2801.8%Cadillac2,5077.9%14,6163.8%SAIC-GM-Wuling100,40714.1%745,42716.2%Wuling94,37716.0%686,72013.6%Baojun37,081 –FAW-GM3,357-3.4%29,172-3.5%

Outpacing a slowing market, GM’s sales in China in the first half of 2012 rose 11.3 percent to 1,417,047 units. Shanghai GM’s domestic sales in June rose 7.5 percent, SAIC-GM-Wuling is up 14.1 percent. June sales of FAW-GM are down 3.4 percent to 3,357 units.

TTAC salutes GM again for not trying to spin the numbers when they are down, and for reporting plusses and minuses as they happen.

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  • THIS IS GREAT NEWS. Let's thank the American people for sending all our manufacturing jobs to Shen Zhen and accepting inferior quality products for years to come! Thank goodness our lower end citizens still have the tax dollars of the top 30% to live off of!!!