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While the regular junkyard visitor might run across the occasional FJ60 Land Cruiser in a cheap self-service yard, especially here in 4WD-centric Colorado, there are some Toyota trucks you just don’t see in such junkyards. One is the 4Runner (I’ve found exactly one so far) and another is the FJ40 Land Cruiser. But wait— look what I just found!
I shot this truck in the yard’s “not ready for customers to be pickin’ parts off yet” lot a couple of months back, and I assumed that it would be sold as a unit to a Toyota-specialist yard or collector instead of getting put out among the ’93 Tercels and Daewoo Lanoses. It looked pretty rough, but still had plenty of good stuff.
By the time I found it in the yard, it had been picked over pretty well.
Still, there’s always something worth pulling if you’re restoring a much-sought-after FJ40.
Like the glovebox door, for example, or what Land Cruiser folks call “the pocket.”

Holds seven in foam-seat comfort!

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17 Comments on “Junkyard Find: 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser...”

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    Very cool there MM,

    I still see these on occasion, usually they are a bit later but even ones this vintage still show up from time to time since rust here in the Pacific NW isn’t an issue.

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      Rust might not be an issue in your part of the PNW but they used a mixture of salt and gravel on the roads for a long time in my part of it and you’ll see a lot of rust on cars of this vintage.

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    You actually find anything made by Daewoo in the self-serve? Not around here you don’t.

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      Yes, you can usually find a few. I know this because there’s a LeMons team with “WOO WOO” badges all over their car, courtesy of modified Daewoo emblems found in junkyards. Since then, I’ve been noticing junked Daewoos and saying “WOO WOO!” to myself when I find them. The Lanos and even the Leganza are pretty much disposable, so they get junked young.

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      You must live on Catalina Island then…

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    el scotto

    Ship this a to a 3rd world country. It’ll be drivable in less than a month. I’ve watched some amazing mechanics.

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    that Montero behind it would be a good junkyard find as well..

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    Blows my mind an FJ40 with such a solid looking chassis is actually in a junkyard. Even total basket case holes-in-chassis rust buckets fetch good money over here on the east coast.

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    Roberto Esponja

    Weird. Body’s in decent enough shape, some tin worm but not too bad, engine and transmission still there, appears to have been owned by someone who was in some kind of FJ Cruiser at one time…wonder why it ended up getting junked?

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    In N Florida those things are piranha bait. As soon as one hits the yard it’s swarmed and stripped to the bone. I don’t know how much of their mythical reliability is hype, but the owners I’ve met are hellbent on keeping the ones they’ve got on the road.

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    Squeeeeeeee! A Round-headlight Montero in the background! Snag the dash mount water compass Murilee!

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    I wonder if it came down with the dreaded seized clutch pilot bearing syndrome. Shielded ball-bearing pilot bearing in the clutch seizes up & welds itself to the crankshaft & the pilot shaft. It’s an unpleasant thing to fix.

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    Good Lord, that Falcon must’ve been doing 105!!!

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    I’m not generally an SUV kind of dude, but I’d take a project like this LC anytime over the Wrangler near it.

    FJ40’s, first, are really collectible, just ask the restorers TLC in Van Nuys,CA. These things wouldn’t last long enough in a California boneyard to pick parts off of them – they’d be sold whole. On this car, the body shell, frame, rear end, front end, and powertrain is there, i.e. a great start. Hopefully, someone in Denver will see the photos and rescue this LC. Thanks, Murilee.

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    Great writeup.

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    Great writeup. We like FJ60 Land Cruiser . It has good quality driving, interior and exteriors looks good. It is really good stuff. I have driven cruiser . Although i have faced some engine problem and fixed it Auto Repair Tempe . We are fan of Toyota.

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