Gentlemen, Charge Your Batteries

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
gentlemen charge your batteries

When we wrote about Mitsubishi’s electric attack on the hill at Pike’s Peak, Toyota did not want to confirm rumors that WRC rally driver Fumio Nutahara would join the race on Toyota’s behalf in a TMG EV P001, the same that set a new electric lap record at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. They were right. The rumor was off by a digit.

It now turns out that Nutahara will drive the newly built TMG EV P002 with an updated and more powerful electric powertrain. Based on a Radical chassis, the TMG EV P002 has a predicted top speed of 240km/h in Pikes Peak configuration, with combined maximum power of 350kW from its two axial flux motors.

Now wait what Monster Tajima will take to the Peak. The race will take place on July 8.

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  • Mark MacInnis Mark MacInnis on Jun 07, 2012

    I have long opined that the way to develop electric/hybrid vehicles is the same way we developed ICE vehicles: Private innovation spurred on by competition, NOT government subsidy of R&D.... We had races like the Indy 500 serve as spurs to invention and innovation by creating a commercial enterprising activity (the race)which became institutionalized entertainment. The natural competition for fame (for the drivers) and commercial advantage (for the sponsors and engineering firms) drove technological improvement farther, more quickly and far more efficiently than with government sponsorship. The 'problem' is, auto racing is a cumulative 'been there, done that' activity, so consumers of the sport, already sated in their desire for thrills, chills, spills, speed and danger by F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, and NHRA, would be unlikely find much entertainment by watching racing Pria, Volts, Leafs or Insights.

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    • Th009 Th009 on Jun 07, 2012

      @USAFMech Sounds like the World Sports-Prototype Championship in the 1980s!

  • Lynn Ellsworth Lynn Ellsworth on Jun 07, 2012

    Pikes Peak and drag racing are great ways to improve electric (or any propulsion) system. Obviously these events take tremendous power and put heavy loads on the vehicles. We will learn a lot from those that survive, those with great times, and from those with power left over.

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    • Th009 Th009 on Jun 07, 2012

      @Ronnie Schreiber Neither does Indy 500 for the most part: in the real world, we shift gears, turn right, drive even in the rain and use gasoline. And yet one or three people turn out to watch every year ...

  • Crown They need to put the EcoDiesel back in the Grand Cherokee. I have a 2018 and it has been the most reliable vehicle I ever owned. 69,000 miles and only needed tires, and regular oil and fuel filter changes.
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  • El scotto Oh My Good Lord Yes! Gents, this is a Caddy that carries on the soul of Caddy. Loud, brash, and apologetically American. Also large and in charge and one of GM's best evah engines. What used to be a flash roll is now bottle service.Can't deal with that reality? There are plenty of excellent SUVs/CUVs on the market. I'm a former Escape owner. The Escape was a sensible lil CUV, this Caddy is just way over the top.Canyon carver? Not a chance, this is based on a Silverado frame. Easy to park? Toss the valet the keys. Will some of the other high-end SUVs have better "soft touch" materials that make car journalist get tingly all over? Of course.This Caddy is designed to eat up huge and I mean huge amounts of American interstate miles. Four people and their luggage? Easily.