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Imagine barreling down the road in a hot prototype. Now you don’t have to imagine anymore, because these pictures, taken on the first day of the annual conference of the Japan chapter of the SAE, show you in graphic detail what your workplace would look like.  Like a mess.

You would be surrounded by a maze of wires. Your stick shift would be encased in something that makes a chastity belt look like a piece of lingerie. In the next turn, the laptop will smash into your head.

Stay clear from any pedestrians, because with these things on your wheels, you will drag a pedestrian a long, long way.

Do you still want to be a professional test driver? Kyowa, the company that outfits vehicular torture chambers the world over, will be happy to be of service.

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8 Comments on “Didn’t You Always Want To Be A Test Driver? This Would Be Your Cubicle...”

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    What? No butt dyno?

    Productive labs are always a mess.

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    Dyno tests are on the factory.
    Don´t care about the mess and the flying laptop, anyway there are helmets on the test drives usually… If not, nothing that 2 big straps of velcro under the laptop can solve.

    I would gladly do that!!
    Saludos from Mx.

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    Actually, it’s not this bad when you’re testing on the road. Looks like this specific vehicle has been setup for durability/ mileage testing and is fitted with robotized steering, gear shifting tools.

    They use this sort of stuff for running long cycles, collecting data while putting a lot of miles on the car on roller dynos. Once setup these things run 24×7, with just occasional operator monitoring.

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    Maybe good PR if there a picture of a Camry all sensored up?

    If you’ve done any ecu tuning you know what it’s like to have notebook blasting in your face at night along with support like Innovative wide band oxygen sensors. Then cell phone and radar detector reminding you not to stay too long in the throttle.

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    What is up with the double steering wheels?

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      Greg Locock

      That’s so you can measure steering wheel torque and and angle independent of the car’s electronics. It also lets you fit a steering robot easily. That’s not as fancy as it sounds, just a belt and a pulley and an electric motor.

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    At least you get a really nice white-stitched Nardi Classico.

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