By on May 2, 2012

While other car companies are perfecting the art of the slow on-line strip-tease of their car pictures, over in Germany, GM’s Opel does a slow reveal of a name.

Opel asks everybody to “get ready for May 8th, when we will announce the true name of our latest model.” Of course, the disrobing of the name has its own Facebook page. Observers think the soon-to-be-named car is the Opel Junior, Opel’s answer to  BMW’s Mini, or Fiat’s 500. Two problems:

  • Since when is Junior allowed into a strip club?
  • May 8th is remembered in Germany for when they lost the war.
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One Comment on “Opel Commemorates May 8th With A Slow Strip...”

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    Junior? Like the DKW Junior (c.f. What will Audi say?

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