Girls Of The 2012 Beijing Auto Show: I'm All Ears

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt
girls of the 2012 beijing auto show i m all ears

We met at the Volkswagen booth. Ready for take-off.

She is very popular.

Say uncle.

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  • Nrd515 Nrd515 on Apr 26, 2012

    Her ears aren't that bad at all. A family friend, who isn't bad looking at all, otherwise, insists on displaying her huge, chimplike ears at all times. She wears her hair very short, and you can't miss them. The lobes are all stretched out from the gigantic heavy earrings she's been wearing since she was about 10, and the rims are all lumpy, etc. They are almost always bright red too! I wish I had a pic of them to show them in all their horror. Her kids have told her they need to be covered up, her husband and others have told her they need to be covered up, and she thinks they're kidding! Her daughter is a near clone, with much nicer ears and can pull off the short hair, but mom just can't. At least she doesn't have the "upside down" ears that a neighbor of mine does. They just need a little trimming on top to play a Vulcan.

  • ZoomZoom ZoomZoom on Apr 27, 2012

    That girl is adorable. Uncle! This may not make me many friends here, but I am not about putting on airs, so I just don't care. I like attractive ladies and I will be the first to admit it. More please! And yes, I know this is a car site. Again. I just don't care! So there; put that in your pipe and smoke it. ;)

  • SPPPP Aggression is pretty much the reason that racing exists, so I am going to call this an unsolvable problem. It's a contrived scenario in which you take risks to get rewards. You may be able to improve it ... but never eliminate it.
  • MaintenanceCosts This is now our fourth 20th Anniversary GTI, and the third of those four that had major structural modifications for purely aesthetic reasons. I didn't picture Tim as the type to want to join the STANCE YO crowd, but here we are?
  • JMII This is why I don't watch NASCAR, it just a crash fest. Normally due the nature of open-wheel cars you don't see such risky behavior during Indy car events. You can't trade paint and bump draft with an Indy car. I thought it was a sad ending for a 500. While everyone wants a green flag finish at some point (3 laps? 5 laps?) red flagging it is just tempting people too much like a reset button in a game.The overall problem is the 500 is not a "normal" race. Many one-off competitors enter it and for almost every driver they are willing to throw away the entire season championship just to win the "500". It sure pays way more then winning the championship. This would be like making a regular season NFL game worth more then the Super Bowl. This encourages risky behavior.I am not sure what the fix is, but Indy's restart procedures have been a mess for years. If I was in charge the rule would be pit speed limiter until the green flag drops at a certain place on the track - like NASCARs restart "zone". Currently the leader can pace the field however they wish and accelerate whenever they choose. This leads to multiple false and jumped starts with no penalty for the behavior. Officals rarely wave off such restarts, but that did happened once on Sunday so they tried to make driver behave. The situation almost didn't happen as there were two strategies in the end with some conserving fuel and running old tires, driving slower with others racing ahead. However the last caution put everyone on even terms so nobody had advantage. It always gets crazy in the last few laps but bunching up the field with a yellow or red flag is just asking for trouble.
  • Tim Healey Lol it's simply that VWVortex is fertile ground for interesting used cars!
  • Jalop1991 I say, install gun racks.Let the games begin!