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Major carmakers around the world had their eyes on Hyundai’s growing muscle for a while. In the business, you call that benchmarking. Now, the benchmarking sensors sound alarm: Hyundai announced yesterday that its February global sales jumped 28 percent from a year earlier.

According to Reuters, strong overseas sales could more than offset that offset a lull in sales at home in Korea. Hyundai’s U.S. sales jumped 18 percent. Hyundai’s overseas sales rose 32.5 percent to 307,332 in February compared to 231,879 for the same month a year ago. Domestic sales were up slightly at 53,647 compared to 49,405 a year ago.

People like Nissan/Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn expect the worldwide car market to expand by 4 percent from 75 million last year to 78 million in 2012. If Hyundai keeps that up, they will book a serious gain of market share this year.



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27 Comments on “Hyundai Announces Jaw-Dropping February...”

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    Ok, listen GM and eveyone else having problem. If you make good cars and price them reasonable, people will buy them.

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      Mr. K

      March 3rd, 2012 at 9:27 am said:

      “Ok, listen GM and eveyone else having problem. If you make good cars and price them reasonable, people will buy them.”

      General Motors Posts Largest Annual Profit Ever, Despite Lackluster Fourth Quarter

      Despite a disappointing fourth quarter, General Motors posted its largest annual profit ever Thursday, reporting 2011 earnings of $7.6 billion just two and a half years after emerging from bankruptcy.

      The strong annual figure is likely to boost investors, employees and small businesses that rely on GM for their livelihoods. But the news belies the fact that GM is still saddled with government ownership that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

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    That picture screams of surprize buttsecks. Then again Hyundai has been dishing some out lately. Good job.

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    Hyundai builds cars that people want. End of story.

    Everyone else seems to be in the “we need to get people to want what we build” mode.

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      What is to be seen is if their quality has improved. Judging from my friend’s ‘plastic fantastic’ sticker peeling faux wood on his 2006 Azera, it will be interesting to see owner’s opinions 4-6 years down the road.

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        Hyundai and Kia have never promised Toyota/Honda quality. However, they do offer Detroit quality with a price many thousands below Detroit’s UAW offerings. Detroit auto executives have much to fear.

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        With respect, peeling faux wood isn’t the same as blown headgaskets, electrical problems, or brakes that only last a year.

        I would suggest that today’s Hyundai sales are already a reflection of owners’ opinions from the past. Their reputation has been built on cars made 10 years ago, not the stuff in showrooms today.

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        The plastics in my 2005 Hyundai seem to held up just fine. Though it is an entry-level model with interiors designed more for durability, none of the fancy stuff (wood, etc.) Anyway if you want the body/interior on your car to last a long time, you’d buy German. Of course everything else will be failing then, but the car still looks great.

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        You have a friend who has peeling faux wood in his Hyundai.

        Gosh, I guess that’s “proof positive”; much more so than the cracking dashboards that has been a common complaint in Hondas and Acuras.

        And based on Edmunds’ expereince with their Honda Crosstour with numerous panel gaps (including some absolutely huge ones), I guess that’s indicative of “Honda quality” as well.

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    There are cars are getting better and still the price is low. Simple

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    How much is this a combination of Chinese New year and february 29th

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    Hyundai – and Kia (what I have) – make great cars that do what people want them to do, and do it well. They have value and are what people want.

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      Same here – 01 Elantra (beater), and 09 Sedona. The domestics want us to believe H/K cars can’t be trusted; Hyundai’s been in the US for 25 years.

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    Hyundai Motor Group (which also includes Kia as Hyundai owns the majority holdings) make less expensive cars because they pay their workers crap wages. I’ll let you do your own research, but Hyundai has one of the worst labor records on the planet. They are a corrupt Korean chaebol (family mafia) run by the sons of the original founder (one son committed suicide when he was convicted for funneling $500 million to the North Koreans.) They are highly subsidized by the South Korean government and another of the sons (CEO of Hyundai Heavy Industries) is a member of parliament.

    Hyundai doesn’t play on a level playing field and it never has.

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      I don’t think so. Korean auto workers union go on strike quite often for higher wages. And the factory in US pays competitive wages.

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      Uhh, Korean auto unions are the most militant and Hyundai has yet to do the lower wage temporary worker thing in Ulsan like Toyota is doing in Toyota City.

      As for “subsidies”, Hyundai doesn’t need them – having the largest margins in the industry (according to a recent Bloomberg article).

      As for corruption, it’s the same situation with the Japanese corporations (and in the US, we have “legalized corruption” via lobbying).

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    This week I am in Canada and Mr. Budget has rented me a Hyundai Accent sedan. I do not know what the trim level is but it seems very well-equipped with cruise control, radio adjustment on the steering wheel, a nice USB port and so forth. I am not too excited about the shift-it-yourself feature of the auto transmission so I just ignore it while driving. Handling is surprisingly good although acceleration is not startling but perhaps because I am driving in the “eco” mode.

    The car is very well put together and does not rattle or creak, but then the example I have has 1800 kms on it. I would think for most people the Accent would be a real value proposition.

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    The computers most of us are using were probably built by chinese prisoners and 12 year old orphans. It’s a damn shame that economies are built on exploitation. Thank goodness we and the S. Koreans don’t operate this way.

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    Hyunkia may be all the rage today, but I still don’t trust them. Besides all the 40 mpg craziness, their propaganda makes outrageous claims. Enough so that it should raise the suspision of even the most casual car buyer.

    In Brazil they offer one of the longest warranties in the market. But parts are just unavailable. Friend had minor accident in a Soul. Needed to change bumper, fender, hood, grille and one headlamp. Took around 3 or 4 months to get all the parts! Seriously, WTF?

    Then there’s their marketing. Their last Elantra commercial claimed the Elantra was the best car made in the history of the automobile. Seriously, they had the gumption to claim that. The new piece toned it down a bit, but now they’re saying the Elantra is the best car ever in its segment in history!!! Tney also claim that the Elantra won the Best Car in Show Prize at the recent Detroit Auto Show (did they?) and that said show and prize are the most sought after of all auto shows in the world…Really? Wonder what the organizers of the Paris, Tokyo or Franfurt (to name just a few) shows have to say about that.

    In a nutshell, tone it down Hyundai and you’ll be more credible. You don’t have to shout it if you’re really good.

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      Actually, it seems your claims are a bit exaggerated themselves.

      And yes, the Elantra won the NACOTY award for 2012.

      Btw, both Popular Mechanics and Consumer Reports tested the Elantra for fuel economy and both PM and CR got at or above the EPA HWY rating (PM got 47.6 MPG doing 55 MPH and 39.3 MPG at 70 MPH which was better than the Ford Focus SFE they tested at the same time).

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      It’s advertising. All car companies do that.

      Heck Rolls Royce always claims to build the best cars in the world. They are just overweight, overpriced gas hogs that depreciate like a rock.

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