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TTAC may have the most outstanding writers around, but we can’t make the same claim when it comes to photography. Even though the infamous Vodka McBigbra pitched in to take a few shots of the Prius c, in general we didn’t have time or manpower to get the shots we wanted.

Luckily for us, Zerin Dube of SpeedSportLife was there to take his usual meticulously color-corrected set of photographs from the show, and he’s agreed to share them with TTAC readers who have an eye for that sort of thing.

Check out Zerin’s galleries here. In the meantime, I will be using the time between now and the Chicago show to learn photography… or maybe I will send V McB, she appears to at least know how to frame a shot.

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14 Comments on “We’ve Outsourced Our 2012 NAIAS Photo Gallery...”

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    So going to the Chicago auto show?

    should have a ttac meet up there.

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    and when are we going to get a pic of V McB? You talk about her too much to leave her in the shadows.

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      Probably about the time she gets her own byline. If JB has seen fit to give her an alias, don’t you think that a pic would defeat the purpose of that?

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        Jack Baruth

        I didn’t have any photos on my phone I felt completely comfortable putting on the Internet so I asked her to take a picture.

        The curly hair is an occasional thing. Those of you who saw her at Detroit know her hair was straight earlier in the week.

        Opinions will vary, but I think she is the cutest 43-year-old I know.

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      “Opinions will vary, but I think she is the cutest 43-year-old I know.” – I don’t think anyone will argue with her name though.

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      At various times I have reviled, envied, and just wanted to meet Mr. Jack B. Now I can firmly say that in fact, I simply want to be him.

      Nice score sir, and that’s coming from someone just over half your age!

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    Imaginary person isn’t capable of taking pictures? But I saw them.

    Now I’m really confused.

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    Robert Fahey

    Compared with, say, Autoblog, this site loads more slowly and has less-glossy images. That’s good and bad. It’s bad because it implies a low budget, amateur effort. But it’s good because the truth is seldom quick or glossy. Just as I trust a journalist who looks a little rough round the edges, I trust this site despite the photography.

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      Twitter: phauser

      Autoblog stays on my feed as a news source, but its editorial value leaves something to be desired. It’s much easier to accept praise for a car from TTAC, because the writers are just as likely to skewer it and tell you not to buy it.

      On an unrelated note good luck in the hachiroku contest, Jack. We’re pulling for you, mostly because we want to hear about the car from someone who knows how to drive it.

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    The photos are great but the site is slow.
    Vodka is hot but Jack got there first.
    So I am no better off than before. Thanks for nothing, TTAC.
    just kidding.

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