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In what kind of limo did Chou En-Lai and the Great Helmsman ride during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution? The “Red Flag” CA770, of course!
Thanks to the very generous judicial bribes of many 24 Hours of LeMons racers, I’ve got a diecast-car collection that ranges from a Simca Aronde hitchhiking diorama to a Leyland P76 to a Moskvich 408 rally car. And yet, something was missing.
My collection of weird diecast toy cars, which now threatens to overwhelm my office, lacked Chinese cars. Oh, sure, just about all of them were made in the Middle Kingdom, but that’s not the same as a vaguely accurate scale replica of a Red Flag.
Did I say Red Flag? I meant Red Flog, which is what’s molded into the underside of the “Hongqi Luxury LED SOUND METAL CAR.” That’s right, for a mere $25.98 you can have this fine piece of automotive history shipped right to your door from Hong Kong.

That’s a bit steep for an admittedly low-quality 1:32 diecast, but look what happens when you push down on the back wheels or open either door (after wedging four AG3 watch batteries into the alleged battery compartment with cardboard shims). I do hope the real CA770 doesn’t make that terrible Vegematic-full-of-lug-nuts noise when starting. That’s a GAZ-M21 Volga in the background, by the way.
How could I ever top this? A diecast Renault-IKA Torino!

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8 Comments on “Now Available In Glorious 1:32 Scale Diecast: Hongqi CA770TJ Limo With Lights and Music...”

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    Heh I’ve got the same car. Easy to find here in China. And with shipping etc, I don’t think you were ripped off.

    I’m having a hard time finding other Chinese cars though, I might start collecting buses though all the buses here have models of them.

    I’d really like to get a model of the blue ubiquitous work truck. Ugly as hell, loud, emits a ton of pollution and from the looks of things won’t break.

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    Is 1/32 standard in China?

    Also, in a comparison test between a ZiL limo and a Honqi limo, which one would win?

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    Here’s a 1958 Dong Feng Golden Dragon diecast at 1/20 scale on eBay for $89.99.

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      Heh I read that item on ebay. How is it that it is unopened and he has all those pictures of it out of the box?

      Shouldn’t he say more like, still in the box or something?

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        I wondered about that too, but the seller appears to specialize in diecast models. Perhaps he/she is showing an out-of-box example just for illustration. However, I’d want to make things very clear before committing any money.

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    My buddy (the “artistic director” on the Porcubimmer and Prickstine themes) went to China for business and brought back a rad kinda-brass zippo wannabe lighter that had a portrait of Mao on the front that had a light up LED and played a patriotic song when it was opened. Unfortunately the batteries and gas ran out and I lost it to the house monster somewhere.

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    Nice sound-chipped 4 chair affair of Kiss, Nixon, Mao & Chou meet. Push the button beneath, the voices come up random Chinese & English. Most Chinese don’t remember the visit – it was censored.

    Trump for me – a diecast crumpled Brezhnev Shadow with drunken, startled figure.

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    I am rather confused as to why it makes a horrifying grinding sound when you open the driver side door. I’d probably be tempted to buy this if it weren’t so janky looking.

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