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While Detroit is getting ready for NAIAS, the archetypical Detroit company is showing its newest truck in India. At the New Delhi Auto Expo, Ford today unveiled the second generation of its EcoSport “compact SUV.” Our friends at India’s were there to snap some pictures for you. According to Ford’s press release, the SUV “will eventually be sold in nearly 100 markets worldwide.” So why haven’t you heard of a Ford EcoSport before?

The first generation EcoSport was made in Brazil only. Basically, it was a German Ford Fiesta / Fusion in truck’s clothing. Come to think of it, you HAD heard of the EcoSport before, in Marcelo’s (Not so) Brief History Of The Brazilian Car.

The second generation EcoSport won’t cause major outpourings of testosterone either. The trucklet is powered (well …) by a 1 liter three cylinder EcoBoost enginelet, of which Ford is proud that is “delivers power and performance that will rival a traditional 1.6-litre petrol engine.” Ford threatens that the “all-new engine will be made available in Ford models in China, Europe, North America and other regions.”

In addition to Brazil, the EcoSport will be produced in India in Ford’s Chennai plant, which is being updated to the tune of $142 million. Production in other markets may “be announced at a later time.”

With a belated start in the region, Ford is now betting big on Asia. Ford wants to achieve a 50 percent increase in worldwide sales by mid-decade to 8 million vehicles a year, Asia Pacific and Africa are expected to deliver 60 percent to$ 70 percent of that target, Ford says.

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28 Comments on “Ford Launches New Global Truck In India...”

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    Nice little SUV. That could work here.

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      A Caving Ape

      Uhm. 1 liter, a minuscule wheelbase, and 8 inches of ground clearance aren’t exactingly a recipe for comfortable freeway cruising. And can you imagine it in a gusty crosswind?

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        Definitely not a freeway flyer – but for India, with its crowded streets and horrendous third world traffic – it will get the job done. The 8 inches of ground clearance is a plus in a land of under-maintained side streets.

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        I actually think it could work here, provided they replace the engine with the 2.0 from the Focus, if they could squeeze it in there.

        Edit: Drop the suspension about 3 inches, too. There’s plenty of room under those wheelwells for that. Bam! Instant Cute UV for our ladyfolk.

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    Yeegh. Normally, I’m not too critical about car’s styling as long as I can see what the designer is trying to (perhaps imperfectly) achieve.

    My first impressions – instincts, actually – of this are not good. I think, to me, they got the proportions of the front all wrong with the small headlights and huge grill below. Maybe I’d like it better if the plastic bumper was taller and extended down to take up the space of that top-third radiator slot.

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      @Advo: I’m with you in this regard, I try to refrain from styling critiques, but, wow…

      It reminds me of one of H.R. Giger’s creations.

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        It’s a bit off-topic, but this is reminding me of the Ford 500 I saw recently with it’s blander than the bland, older Fusion headlights and styling. That was so off-putting and such a contrast to the newer Ford Taurus styling which I rather like.

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      The front end is in line with Ford’s other upcoming designs: Focus ST, 2013 Escape, Evos, etc.

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    The 1 litre ecoboost engine is being made available in the Focus in Europe so I don`t understand the condescending tone of the article. What is wrong with a fuel efficient engine generating over 100hp (around the level of subcompacts in the US).

    Ford will be releasing an important model in Detroit – the new Fusion, so it is hardly dissing it’s home show (and there I was thinking Ford was German! – just joking)

    I am amazed the Fusion has stayed under wraps so well, normally the Domestics reveal way in advance of selling and leaks come out everywhere (like the Encore).

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    My first impression is this is incredibly dorky looking. The tiny wheels make it look like an SUV body sitting on a compact car chassis, which is what it is. The proportions are just all wrong.

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    Mark MacInnis

    1.0 litre engine in a trucklet?


    Get used to it, America. This is the future of American motoring, under the looming CAFE rules nailed into our foreheads by our friends in the Obama administration and the state of Cali-fornication….

    Like the band Chicago sang, not all that long ago…. “I just want to be FREE!”

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      Oh dear. Driving a 1 litre engine doesn`t make you unfree! Also I seriously doubt this is coming to the US in the next 10 years. In the meantime enjoy, under the Obama administration, your Corvette, Camaro LS1 or CTS-V – not exactly weaklings!

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      The developing world, where cars like these are sold, do not benefit from the better-kept roads and high-quality highways that we enjoy in America. We simply don’t need cars like this; compact-car buyers don’t need a lot of ground clearance, and anyone who even momentarily daydreams about the possibility of venturing outside the gridlock and into the countryside in their daily driver has a wide selection of big tall trucks and big fat-butt crossovers available to them. Miserly fuel economy is almost never a necessary feature for this demographic.

      There are, however, people who live in America for whom this little thing is perfect. I’d be willing to give up good handling dynamics and straight line performance, in exchange for an SUV’s utility and pothole survivability, as long as economy is not compromised and bulk is not excessive. Think of it as being in the spirit of an Outback or a V70XC. The requisite “mean truck” styling is an affront to those of us who have no need for those sorts of pretensions, but it’s not a deal breaker.

      Also, I’d love to hear more about where your desperation about America’s future motoring prospects comes from. I see a lot of sexy metal out there, despite the supposed stifling crush of regulation. Sure, I suppose it would be great if we were *allowed* to drive around in 4mpg monster trucks with open exhausts belching prolific amounts of black smoke, recalling the days of lead-blended gas. Oh wait, people are already doing that.

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      Get used to it, America. You can also get a 2.0T 4 banger powered A6 or 528i these days.

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    A Caving Ape

    Article left out some interesting details about the engine. For one, an impressive 120HP and 125 ft-lb (available across the low/mid rev range thanks to a tiny turbo, natch).

    And then these paragraphs from the press release:

    “Engine refinement is improved thanks to an innovative design that immerses the two main engine drive belts in oil – resulting in quieter and more efficient running but with the durability of a chain. Careful attention has also been paid to mitigating the natural vibrations of the three-cylinder design.

    Rather than employ the traditional method of adding energy-draining balancer shafts, Ford engineers have deliberately “unbalanced” the flywheel and pulley to offset the engine configuration.”

    Good luck changing the timing belt!

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    I must be the only person that kind of likes this geeky little thing, but then again I find the Juke hilariously entertaining.

    Isn’t 120hp/125lb-ft better than the 4-cyl Ranger?

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    Some day, Ford will stop hitting their “One Ford” cars and trucks with the ugly stick. This one is no exception.

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    Something about the front doesn’t sit well with me (it’s almost straight off the Australian-market Territory, where it looks good; here it’s perhaps a bit too big relative to the body) but I like it, and I think it would find a market in the US. The Juke seems to be selling well, anyway.

    The 1.0 Ecoboost would be ideal for the Fiesta. Same power output, lighter engine, even better fuel economy. Plus the low-down torque of a turbo would be nice in a small car like that.

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    Chicago Dude

    Looks like perhaps an upscale competitor to the Daihatsu Terios. If so, it’s a home run – in developing nations.

    But is this a concept or the production vehicle? Those headlights scream concept (way too expensive for this class of vehicle!). But maybe I am wrong.

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    I dont know what everyone is complaining about, its got low profile tires and alloy wheels, its a sports truck.

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    That looks just perfect for miniature cowboys.

    The best looking SUVs/CUVs are the larger ones (RR, Enclave, Toureg as examples), the smaller they get the harder it is to avoid looking dorky (Terios, Encore, THIS)

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    Wow is this ugly.

    Ehh It will sell in China, they seem to like ugly here. Assuming they put it up for sale in China.

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