2011 Car Sales Around The World: December Surprise In The U.S.A.

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

U.S. December sales results, and with December, full year results begin to roll in. What we see so far looks like a December surprise: Numbers come in stronger than expected by analysts. Chrysler is up 37 percent in December and 26 percent for the year. GM is up only 5 percent in December, but 13 percent for the year. Ford up 10 percent in December, 9 percent for the year. Volkswagen surprises with 36 percent up in December and 26 percent for the year. Subaru up 26 percent in December, but only one percent for the year. Toyota ( not on the list yet) reports a flat December and the year down by 7 percent.

Table after the jump. Watch this page for more updates. Data courtesy Automotive News [sub]

Note: Sales for BMW and Daimler are estimates by Automotive News, as both companies have not reported yet. The totals remain preliminary also.

December U.S. Light Vehicle Sales

(Developing table)

BMW Group32,23027,64317%305,421266,26915% BMW division26,70023,28015%247,773220,11313% Mini5,5004,32027%57,30045,64426% Rolls-Royce3043–30%348512–32%BMW Group32,23027,64317%305,421266,26915%Chrysler Group138,019100,70237%1,369,1141,085,21126% Chrysler Division23,97413,13283%221,346197,44612% Dodge41,54832,39028%451,040383,67518% Dodge/Ram68,14356,66020%708,650596,62719% Fiat2,325––%19,769––% Jeep43,57730,91041%419,349291,13844% Ram26,59524,27010%257,610212,95221%Chrysler Group138,019100,70237%1,369,1141,085,21126%Daimler AG27,80022,04426%266,811230,93416% Maybach–5–100%4063–37% Mercedes-Benz27,10021,46926%261,573224,94416% Smart USA70057023%5,1985,927–12%Daimler AG27,80022,04426%266,811230,93416% Ford Motor Co.209,447190,19110%2,143,1011,964,0599% Ford division201,044173,73816%2,057,2101,752,51117% Ford/Lincoln/Mercury209,447190,19110%2,143,1011,931,53411% Lincoln8,4038,0604%85,64385,8280% Mercury–8,393–100%24893,195100% Volvo–––%–32,525–100%Ford Motor Co.209,447190,19110%2,143,1011,964,0599%General Motors234,351224,1475%2,503,7972,211,69913% Buick14,97417,095–12%177,633155,38914% Cadillac16,25916,718–3%152,389146,9254% Chevrolet161,158147,9389%1,775,8021,563,88114% GMC41,96042,1430%397,973333,20419% Hummer–38–100%–3,812–100% Pontiac–130–100%–1,182–100% Saab–––%–608–100% Saturn–85–100%–6,698–100%General Motors234,351224,1475%2,503,7972,211,69913%Honda (American)105,230129,616–19%1,147,2851,230,480–7% Acura13,12915,489–15%123,299133,606–8% Honda Division92,101114,127–19%1,023,9861,096,874–7%Honda (American)105,230129,616–19%1,147,2851,230,480–7%Hyundai Group94,15575,24625%1,131,183894,49627% Hyundai division50,76544,80213%645,691538,22820% Kia43,39030,44443%485,492356,26836%Hyundai Group94,15575,24625%1,131,183894,49627%Jaguar Land Rover5,8804,87521%50,37545,20411% Jaguar1,1371,180–4%12,27613,340–8% Land Rover4,7433,69528%38,09931,86420%Jaguar Land Rover5,8804,87521%50,37545,20411%Maserati23818032%2,3211,89722%Maserati23818032%2,3211,89722%Mazda22,35321,4794%250,426229,5669%Mazda22,35321,4794%250,426229,5669%Mitsubishi5,0324,8743%79,02055,68342%Mitsubishi5,0324,8743%79,02055,68342%Nissan100,92793,7308%1,042,534908,57015% Infiniti10,99012,502–12%98,461103,411–5% Nissan Division89,93781,22811%944,073805,15917%Nissan100,92793,7308%1,042,534908,57015%Porsche1,8342,567–29%29,02325,32015%Porsche1,8342,567–29%29,02325,32015%Saab Cars North America2701,074–75%5,6104,83816%Saab Cars North America2701,074–75%5,6104,83816%Subaru33,70126,69426%266,989263,8201%Subaru33,70126,69426%266,989263,8201%Suzuki2,5652,647–3%26,61823,99411%Suzuki2,5652,647–3%26,61823,99411%Toyota178,131177,4880%1,644,6601,763,595–7% Lexus25,35527,560–8%198,552229,329–13% Scion4,1593,9565%49,27145,6788% Toyota division148,617145,9722%1,396,8371,488,588–6% Toyota/Scion152,776149,9282%1,446,1081,534,266–6%Toyota178,131177,4880%1,644,6601,763,595–7%Volkswagen45,47434,61031%443,840359,88923% Audi12,65510,54620%117,561101,62916% Bentley31719761%1,8771,43031% VW division32,50223,86736%324,402256,83026%Volkswagen45,47434,61031%443,840359,88923%Volvo Cars NA5,3424,75612%67,24021,423214%Volvo Cars NA5,3424,75612%67,24021,423214%Other (estimate)2512433%2,9672,8972%TOTAL1,243,2301,144,8069%12,778,33511,589,84410%
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  • Majorfrn Majorfrn on Jan 04, 2012

    I suppose someone might as well bring on the comments now about how Sergio Marchionne had nothing to do with Chrysler's results. But if you do think he had something to do with it, you might be interested in: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-kiley/chrysler-sergio-marchionne_b_1175109.html

    • See 5 previous
    • Geozinger Geozinger on Jan 05, 2012

      @Guzzi: My only concern about Marchionne is the fact that many people are lauding his achievements in turning around Chrysler, when he had little to do with the current product. That was all Cerberus. We should remember however, it was Cerberus' attempt to sell Chrysler off to the first willing fool, I mean buyer. The Automotive Task Force took that chore away from the BK courts and Cerberus. Marchionne is a lucky guy, really. He got lots of money from GM from the screwed up acquisition deal, but used it wisely. It looks like (maybe) he will be wise with the gift from the US Government, too. I hate to see the day come again where Mopar is funding the efforts of a foreign manufacturer and not getting anything in return. I'm talking directly about the situation with Mercedes Benz. It's too bad they didn't put a "treat it nice or we'll take it back clause" in there. The reality is they wouldn't have, because they (the gov't.) really doesn't want it back...

  • Supremebrougham Supremebrougham on Jan 04, 2012

    Well I did my part, I bought a new Ford last month. FWIW, the dealership in the above video is located in Saginaw, MI. I bought a car from them once, They were a real class act, I would do business with them again.

  • John H Last week after 83 days, dealership said mine needs new engine now. They found metal in oil. Potential 8 to 9 month wait.
  • Dukeisduke An aunt and uncle of mine traded their '70 T-Bird (Beakbird) for a brand-new dark metallic green '75 LTD two-door, fully loaded. My uncle hated seat belts, so the first time I saw the car (it was so new that the '75 models had just landed at the dealerships) he proudly showed me how he'd pulled the front seat belts all the way out of their retractors, and cut the webbing with a razor blade(!).Just a year later, they traded it in for a new '76 Cadillac Coupe de Ville (they had owned a couple of Imperials in the '60s), and I imagine the Cadillac dealer took a chunk out to the trade-in, to get the front seat belts replaced.
  • CaddyDaddy Lease fodder that in 6 years will be on the 3rd owner in a poverty bound aspirational individual's backyard in a sub par neighborhood sinking into the dirt. The lending bank will not even want to repossess and take possession of this boat anchor of a toxic waste dump. This proves that EVs are not even close to being ready for prime time (let's not even talk about electrical infrastructure). EVs only exist in wildly expensive virtue signaling status-mobiles. FAIL! I know this is a Hybrid, but it's a Merc., so it will quickly die after the warranty. Show me a practical EV for the masses and I'll listen. At this time, Hybrids are about the way to go for most needing basic transportation.
  • Jeanbaptiste The bubble free dash on the R32!
  • Dukeisduke A seven-year-old Cadillac, and a front-wheel-drive one at that? Maybe instead title this series "Overpriced User Car Review"?