Junkyard Find: 1971 International Harvester Model 1110 Travelall

Murilee Martin
by Murilee Martin
junkyard find 1971 international harvester model 1110 travelall

This whole craze with the leather-trimmed luxury trucks, I’m against it. In my opinion, a real passenger truck is a big steel box with rear-wheel-drive, a floor-shift three-speed manual transmission, an AM radio, and a metal dash. Oh yeah, and it has to be built by a farm-equipment manufacturer.

The Travelall was obviously doomed by the time this truck was built. IHC was really struggling to compete with the Detroit Big Three, and the Oil Crisis of 1973 pounded several hundred additional nails into the lid of the Travelall’s coffin.

This truck came standard with a 232-cubic-inch inline-six engine. IHC 304- and 345-cubic-inch V8s were optional equipment in 1971 (and I keep thinking that IHC used AMC 304s, but apparently they only AMC V8 used in the Travelall was the 401; this engine sure looks AMCish. though!).

Somewhat cramped seating for 9, or extremely comfortable (though bouncy) seating for 6. No consoles, DVD players, cup holders, or airbags. Want to be safe? Don’t crash!

The only modern touch I would add to this truck, were I to own one, would be front disc brakes. Imagine the ride down from Donner Pass in summer with nine passengers and 20 cases of beer aboard!

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  • My87benz My87benz on Jan 14, 2012

    I just want to know where it is so that I can get some parts for mine off of it..................

  • 1998redwagon 1998redwagon on Apr 28, 2015

    the shoes. the shoes. there is a story about the shoes. o, where is crabspirits when you need him?

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  • Stuart de Baker This is very interesting information. I was in no danger of buying a Tesla. I love my '08 Civic (stick), and it feels just as responsive as when I bought it 11 years ago with 35k on the clock (now 151k), and barring mishaps, I plan to keep it for the next 25 years or so, which would put me into my mid-90s, assuming I live that long. On your information, I will avoid renting Teslas.
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