By on September 3, 2011

Poor Jacqui. Her ’64 Chevelle sedan looked great with her name on the trunklid, surrounded by airbrushed vines and flowers. Then the mean tow-truck man showed up and hauled it away.
Well, maybe this Chevy (which I found in a Denver self-serve yard last week) had a few cosmetic flaws, including an unfortunate bowling-ball-dropped-from-5th-floor dent in the roof.
I like to use chicken-wire as an armature when I use this much Bondo on a car, but that’s just me.
I’m slightly tempted to buy this trunklid for garage display, but not before I hang the Goddess of the Rockies milk-truck door in there first.

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14 Comments on “Junkyard Find: Jacqui’s Chevelle May Clog Crusher With Excess Bondo...”

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    That jewel is actually a ’65.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    Reminds me of a tan Cavalier sedan I saw at a local Chrysler/Dodge dealer (a dealer with a poor reputation FWIW). It was completely stock and completely unremarkable save the giant airbrushed mural of the Virgin Mary with her Sacred Heart in her hand. That was a car whose history I wondered about.

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    slow kills

    How can one know for sure if the name Jacqui belongs to the driver or the can itself?

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    Felis Concolor

    I always give bonus points to people who go above and beyond the simple body kit to make a car their own, especially with airbrushed (or possibly spray can) graphics. However, being able to see that enormous Bondo shelf at 20 paces is a little too much half-fast for me. Forget the refrigerator magnet test: that one would fail the rare earth magnet test.

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    Wow, that stuff looks as thick as a sheet of drywall!

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    Unless that front was from another car, it looked like it was yellow at one point.

    Looks like it was a piss poor low rider type of vehicle of some point but definitely one that’s in sad shape one way or the other.

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    Toy Maker

    The car has a nice stance to it, good wheels. Probably looked pretty good back when the paint(s) were still intact. Looks like someone helped themselves to the engine already. Hmm..

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      Yup. From what I’ve seen, any vintage running small-block Chevy (besides the less-desirable ones such as 305s) gets sold long before the rest of the car even gets near the junkyard. This seems to be less-true for the malaise era and newer, however. I’ve seen quite a few early 90s TBI small blocks in the self-serve yards around here that I’m sure still ran just fine.

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        Not so ~ in Sunny So. Cal. , the Self Service yards are clogged with older GM’s with every imaginable size V-8 , including 450’s – NO ONE wants them for $250 each including all the accessories….

        Fuel prices well past $4.00 / gallon here have killed off V-8 love sad to say .


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    Jaquie? Or Jacquie? Or Jacqui?

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    A rolling memorial for the ocean explorer who invented (perfected?) scuba?

    For extra points, without peeking on the Web, what does the acronym “scuba” translate to ye lowly landlubber pollywogs?

    The Disgruntled One misses the Cousteau TV specials but, admittedly, your Cootness does not have access to anything other than the handful of over-the-air broadcast TV offerings.

    Now, go forth and do what ye would will do when not doing what ye are doing now.

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      Recently I mad a very very grave mistake of hiring an incompetent south of the border “contractor” to redo my front porch.

      From the looks of the bondo job on that car, I’m not one bit surprised how my porch almost ended up.

      90% of the work I had done before firing this scam artist was the wrong materials, bad cuts, the wrong nails, the wrong screws, and everything was either crooked or jacked up somehow. It looked mediocre from across the street two streets down.

      Jacqui’s Chevelle may have looked okay at night time, in the rain, and fog, with no street lights (like my porch almost ended up). Because as sure as day the god awful mural on the deck lid of that car, the retarded wheels & tires, and piss poor color choices do nothing for it.

      All that car is missing is some lettering on the back window saying, “In loving memory of Julio de Contrares Gonzalez Perez Guadalupe”, and a banner on the front window spelling out MEXICAN. I guess that is not all it’s missing. Needs some curb feelers and hydraulics too.

      Hydraulics may have been too much for the 1/2″ bondo job to hold though.

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    Andy D

    Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

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