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In Albuquerque, a police officer is caught with his pants not quite down, but nonetheless having sex on the hood of a car. From the pictures released, it looked consensual.  This is not what can be said of the conduct of a Philadelphia police officer. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Keith Corley II, a 4 year member of the Philadelphia police department, was charged with raping a woman in the back of his squad car while on duty in the 18th District in West Philadelphia.

The Inquirer is keeping a tally of this and says it’s the “third time in the last two weeks, that a Philadelphia police officer has been charged with a violent attack against a woman.” The first two times were domestic disputes. The third case is outright rape.

According to a spokeswoman for the District Attorney, a woman told police that she was waiting for a bus at 52nd and Market streets to go to the 69th Street Terminal when Corley pulled up in his squad car and picked her up. The woman was driven to an area of Cobbs Creek near Cedar Avenue and was raped in the back seat of the cruiser. After the act, she was dropped off at the bus terminal, police says.

DNA from the squad car seems to support the case. Officer Corley is charged with rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, sexual assault, indecent assault, indecent exposure and official oppression. He is currently suspended from duty.


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20 Comments on “Cop Rapes Civilian In Cruiser...”

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    I realize that some people here will want to challenge this, but violence against women is a major problem in our society (and in most societies, I would suggest). The somewhat casual, almost joking manner in which we tend to refer to such violence speaks volumes about the way in which such things are broadly accepted as a normal part of everyday life. I’m often quite saddened as well by the ways in which people try to justify such violence by blaming it on ‘human nature’ and other such things, as if it wasn’t also part of human nature to control our actions in a responsible and respectful manner.

    I really hate this kind of stuff.

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      Agreed 100%. But how does this relate to cars other than the crime occurred in one? No offense meant to the editorial board, and I do understand the seriousness of the subject, but the plethora of non-auto related articles on this site is the main reason that I do not regularly read TTAC anymore. Did you forget what the “C” in TTAC stands for?

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      Not that I disagree with you but polar opposite also happens quite a lot. How often do we as a society crucify people merely on the suspicion/accusation of rape before any actual evidence comes to light?

      There are numerous examples like strauss-kahn; the duke lacross players; the ’08 amendment to Title IX, which requires universities to take a much more draconian stance on accusations of rape or else they lose federal funding (basically expel first ask questions later). Even though these same cases would be quickly tossed out in our crimminal court system.

      For every article that there that describes rape in a “almost joking manner”, there is a politician grandstanding trying to pass a law named after some extremely unique high profile case so that he/she can look tough on rape (this also applies to drugs/crime/terrorism/etc). And a mob just eager to crucify the next accused individual.

      Frankly i’d much rather have an article that makes a joke about rape then a politician willing to make poorly worded/vague/dangerous laws for personal gain and a mob willing to destroy any sense of actual justice in our society.

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    Jeff Waingrow

    If these guys had chosen to use bedrooms instead, it would probably have been the story of the week at the website “The Truth About Beds”.

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    This isn’t the type of site for this news. Are you going to start covering car bombs going off next? This crime was commited in a car, but that has nothing to do with what this site should be about.

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    Mark MacInnis

    If the cruiser was a Crown Vic….could he be also accused of ‘Panther love”? Jus’ sayin…

    (I’m sorry, Lord, and please be with the starving children in Philedelphia….)

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      I’m no racist, have sympathy for the woman, and this perp should get the book thrown at him…

      But, after seeing the pic, and thinking about the car, the term “Black Panther Love” did cross my mind…

      p.s. What’s up with the charge of “involuntary deviant sexual intercourse”? Aside from climax, how could any part of what he did be classed as involuntary?

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        I’m thinking, as in involuntary on her part. How’d the stupid so-and-so get caught, did he climb in the back and slam the door, forgetting about the lack of inside door handles in the typical squad car?

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    Just amazing that this guy would would abuse his power like that. Mental note: don’t go to Philadelphia, ever.

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    Secret Hi5

    How’s this for car news:

    Elementary School Teacher Killed

    ” . . . The Highway Patrol said a small explosion in Whelan’s Scion sent small pieces into nearby cars and caused Whelan’s accelerator to stick. Investigators said her car was going at a very high rate of speed when it hit a tree moments later.”


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    a rapist AND a cop?

    they’re gonna love him in prison.

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