August Sales: Detroit Booms But Can't Catch Hyundai. Honda And Toyota Still Dropping

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

With GM, “Fiat Group” and Ford improving their sales volume by 16%, 23% and 9% respectively, Detroit is dominating the headlines in early August sales analysis. But Hyundai Group’s 29% is the big percentage winner, and Nissan had a good volume month as well, up 14%. But the “big two” Japanese are continuing to slide, with Honda off 6% and Toyota down 8%. Hit the jump for our developing table…

AutomakerAug. 2011Aug. 2010Pct. chng.8 month

20118 month

2010Pct. chng.BMW Group23,95424,0080%193,793169,28015% BMW division20,81519,5407%155,929139,23612% Mini3,1094,425–30%37,63629,70427% Rolls-Royce3043–30%228340–33%BMW Group23,95424,0080%193,793169,28015%Daimler AG20,73220,1273%162,406149,0969% Maybach45-20%3643-16% Mercedes-Benz20,32319,6743%159,082144,69610% Smart USA405448–10%3,2884,357–25%Daimler AG20,73220,1273%162,406149,0969%Fiat Group130,46799,89131%884,676722,39323% Chrysler Division22,49717,93725%133,992140,755–5% Chrysler Group127,01399,61128%870,989720,14321% Dodge41,81735,36418%305,368266,74715% Dodge/Ram63,90355,96814%468,769400,44517% Ferrari1371296%1,0921,0316% Fiat3,106–-%11,088–-% Jeep40,61325,70658%268,228178,94350% Maserati21115140%1,5071,21924% Ram22,08620,6047%163,401133,69822%Fiat Group130,46799,89131%884,676722,39323% Ford Motor Co. 174,800157,32711%1,424,8511,308,8879% Ford division166,79414316%1,366,7801,155,71318% Ford/Lincoln/Mercury174,800157,32711%1,424,8511,276,36212% Lincoln8,0066,42825%57,82355,7764% Mercury–7,040–100%24864,873–100% Volvo–––%–32,525–100%Ford Motor Co.174,800157,32711%1,424,8511,308,8879%General Motors218,479185,10518%1,695,0041,462,30816% Buick16,02114,29412%126,493101,12525% Cadillac13,20812,6894%100,44992,3939% Chevrolet152,779131,90916%1,206,3221,052,77315% GMC36,47125,95841%261,740204,55828% Hummer–205–100%–3,344–100% Pontiac–7–100%–954–100% Saab–––%–608–100% Saturn–43–100%–6,553–100%General Motors218,479185,10518%1,695,0041,462,30816%Honda (American)82,321108,729–24%770,265815,075–6% Acura9,05411,534–22%79,13685,668–8% Honda Division73,26797,195–25%691,129729,407–5%Honda (American)82,321108,729–24%770,265815,075–6%Hyundai Group99,69386,06816%772,659601,44429% Hyundai division58,50553,6039%440,863363,49121% Kia41,18832,46527%331,763237,95339%Hyundai Group99,69386,06816%772,659601,44429%Jaguar Land Rover3,6173,958–9%31,11428,5819% Jaguar8101,414–43%8,2048,781–7% Land Rover2,8072,54410%22,91019,80016%Jaguar Land Rover3,6173,958–9%31,11428,5819%Mazda22,63219,73915%165,794156,1906%Mazda22,63219,73915%165,794156,1906%Mitsubishi7,9854,29386%60,07236,43165%Mitsubishi7,9854,29386%60,07236,43165%Nissan91,54176,82719%681,115599,49614% Infiniti9,0249,428–4%63,70266,492–4% Nissan Division82,51767,39922%617,413533,00416%Nissan91,54176,82719%681,115599,49614%Porsche2,1842,0328%20,49415,71930%Porsche2,1842,0328%20,49415,71930%Saab Cars North America36329025%4,2181,499181%Saab Cars North America36329025%4,2181,499181%Subaru20,83722,239–6%174,616172,1821%Subaru20,83722,239–6%174,616172,1821%Suzuki2,4091,83032%18,25815,33119%Suzuki2,4091,83032%18,25815,33119%Toyota129,482148,388–13%1,073,0721,164,154–8% Lexus18,10319,465–7%120,652145,490–17% Scion3,6494,012–9%33,76929,67214% Toyota division107,730124,911–14%918,651988,992–7% Toyota/Scion111,379128,923–14%952,4201,018,664–7%Toyota129,482148,388–13%1,073,0721,164,154–8%Volkswagen35,58232,14211%284,978239,20319% Audi10,2019,18211%75,25665,43915% Bentley1248153%1,10982534% Lamborghini25244%190192–1% VW division25,23222,85510%208,423172,74721%Volkswagen35,58232,14211%284,978239,20319%Volvo Cars NA5,2154,44117%47,1134,441961%Volvo Cars NA5,2154,44117%47,1134,441961%Other (estimate)8688–2%688704–2%TOTAL1,072,379997,5228%8,465,1867,662,41411%
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  • Mjz Mjz on Sep 02, 2011

    Sorry Ed, time for you to eat your plate of crow. Would you like it baked, broiled or deep fried? Your continual dire predictions for the "Fiat Group" have proven to be completely unfounded. As for your previous assertion that the Fiat 500 might be a "dud", please note that it sold only 3 units less than the vaunted Mini Cooper, and that without a full dealer distribution network in place. Your 29% increase for the Hyundai group headline was misleading, that was for the total 8 month period, and doesn't reflect the current trend, which shows the "Fiat Group" is kicking a$$ and taking no prisoners.

  • Speed3 Speed3 on Sep 02, 2011

    So we are calling Fiat, Chrysler, and Ferrari the "Fiat Group" now? Also can somebody explain which vehicles are Dodges, Dodge/Ram, and Ram? I am confused. I know splitting off Fiat's truck/van lineup into its own brand worked well in Europe, but I really just think they should have left Dodge alone.

  • THX1136 Maybe Mark Worman/Graveyard Carz will see this, buy the thing and restore it to it's original condition.
  • THX1136 Fain's comments are ridiculous to these ears. "Struggling to get by. . ." - really? The only reason any would be struggling is due to living beyond said individuals means (spending money like the gubment does). Both political entities 'visiting' the situation is one more reason for this baby to vote for neither.
  • Sgeffe 400 horsepower? In a German 2-point-zero-tee?My God, that'll blow sky-high the day after the warranty expires!
  • EBFlex Did he deboard the plane with the baby steps? Anyway I called it. Right yet again:Jeff-“”I doubt President Biden would join striking UAW workers. It’s one thing to give support to strikers and another to join strikers on the picket line.”Well he’s a complete and total moron. So it wouldn’t be surprising at all if he joined them on the picket line. If an idiot would do it, then it’s something Brandon would do..”
  • Fred Trump's "concerted effort" will be to speak at a non-union plant. Don't forget he promised to keep Lordstown open.