What's Wrong With This Picture: Infiniti's Essence Crosses Over Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture infiniti s essence crosses over edition

Infiniti’s Essence Concept has been making the rounds since 2009, generating all kinds of speculation about its production possibilities. In fact, so desperate are the autojourno hordes for a GTR-based Infiniti halo car based on the Essence, that CAR magazine recently asked Carlos Ghosn if Nissan were working on such a car, and interpreted the following answer as a “maybe.”

The idea makes sense. The technology is here, the platform is here. It’s a great car, the GT-R. Is it a project now? No. But I don’t want to give you the impression we’ll never do that. But I don’t want you to think that it’s coming in the next two to three years either.

Yeah, that’s definitely a “no, but you’re just too adorable to disappoint.” Anyway, little did anyone guess that the Essence’s chief function (besides wowing show-goers) would be lending its sleek schnozz to the facelifted 2012 Infiniti FX crossover… and yet here it is. Who could imagine that a big-volume crossover would be a higher priority for a luxury brand than a range-topping super-coupe?

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  • Benzaholic Benzaholic on Aug 03, 2011

    The FX intrigues me. I understand it to use the same chassis family as the 370Z and the G37, which sounds like great potential, but I've never driven nor ridden in one.

  • B.C. B.C. on Aug 04, 2011

    *mumbles something about how CUV drivers should have their eyes gouged out because they obviously don't use them when car shopping*

  • Redapple2 Cadillac and racing. Boy those 2 go together dont they? What a joke. Up there with opening a coffee shop in NYC. EvilGM be clowning. Again.
  • Jbltg Rear bench seat does not match the front buckets. What's up?
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