Housekeeping: Check Out TTAC In Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal

housekeeping check out ttac in tomorrow s wall street journal

Believe it or not, dear readers, but every once in a while I’m able to take a break from my grueling routine here at TTAC and contribute to another publication. Not often, mind you, as I’ve written an average of four stories per day seven days per week in the three and a half years I’ve been writing for TTAC, but every now and then. Anyway, tomorrow is just such a time, as my review of American Wheels, Chinese Roads: The Story of General Motors in China will be featured in tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal.

The book itself is fascinating and a fantastic introduction to the Chinese auto business… and it even led me to dig into the GM-SAIC relationship, which in turn led me to this story. But if you don’t have a WSJ subscription and you can’t find a paper copy, fear not: an even more in-depth review of the book will be published here at TTAC, written by our own in-house China expert, Bertel Schmitt. So stay tuned for that, and in the meantime get your TTAC-in-the-MSM fix by checking out Davey G. Johnson’s C&D piece on a road trip in a Mercedes 6.9 that he borrowed from the infamous Doctor V8, also known as Sanjay Mehta, brother of our own Sajeev Mehta and recent Bugatti Veyron road tester for TTAC. Plus, there’s another TTAC-meets-the-big-time-media story coming down the line, so be on the look out for that. For a teensy little family blog, we sure do get around!

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  • Bryce Bryce on Aug 17, 2011

    WSj isnt that a Mubdoch rag well done Ed your piece should improve that publication no end

  • Jsal56 Jsal56 on Aug 17, 2011

    OK, OK fine, I will leave the WSJ alone-I just wanted to remind everybody what they say about newspapers: "everything you read in a newspaper is correct until you read an article on a subject you know something about"

  • ToolGuy If you want a new Toyota, plan to buy it in the next 4 years.
  • ToolGuy The real question is - with all the value they add and all the sacrifices they make - do automotive journalists make too little. 😉
  • SnarkyRichard Jesus I double keyed it and J showed up instead of I . No edit function and this site just disappears randomly off of Firefox taking me back to the previous site I was on . Clearly some bugs need to be worked out in this new format .
  • SnarkyRichard J have no desire to get an EV and will never get one . Just give me a manual transmission , a high redline , grippy 4 wheel disc brakes and a two lane highway to slice and dice my way through traffic . No smart phone connectivity needed , just a powerful stereo with 6x9 speakers in the rear to give the classic rock sound of American freedom on the open road . And that's all I have to say about that .
  • Gregtwelve While Sichuan managed to avoid the nationwide energy rationing witnessed in 2021, attributed to a lack of coalWe have plenty of coal. Let's sell them something for a change. And let us not forget that historically the Chinese hate the Japanese for what they did in WW2, so that might have something to do with it.