Your Daily Driver: A Porsche

Bertel Schmitt
by Bertel Schmitt

Porsche wants to do what every car maker wants. Sell more cars. So what would you do if you would have to move more Porsches? Tout their speed? Their horsepower? Call up Jack Baruth and offer him “Buy 10, get one free?” No, Siree. Porsche positions their cars as schoolbuses.

Porsche’s new campaign markets the 911, Boxster and Cayman as daily drivers.

“TV spots through year end show owners taking their cars to the home-improvement store, picking up kids from school and driving through the snow,” reports Automotive News [sub]

“There are a lot of people who think of Porsche as something you park in your garage and only use on Sunday,” says Michael Bartsch, COO of Porsche Cars North America. “This is a way to tell potential buyers that these are not precious mantelpiece ornaments like some supercars but everyday usable cars.”

Supposedly, about 600 owners have posted videos talking about what they do with their cars at It was impossible for me to verify, because the site loaded so slow – waitaminute, maybe that’s part of the message …

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  • Sam P Sam P on Jul 04, 2011

    I've seen a couple 993s with kid seats in the back. Too bad my parents weren't that cool when I was young - I rode around in either a Volvo 245 DL or a Jeep Grand Wagoneer when I was of kid seat age.

  • Ravenchris Ravenchris on Jul 04, 2011

    I sometimes think a new 911 with manual/auto would be the ultimate daily driver. So, to me apealing.

  • Ze_happyMan Ze_happyMan on Jul 04, 2011

    Even if I would be a millionaire I still would only own a 911. Plus a fully loaded S600 for long Autobahn journeys. I'm just a humble man

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    • Ze_happyMan Ze_happyMan on Jul 05, 2011

      @SunnyvaleCA Absolutely right. So lets say multi-millionaire

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Jul 05, 2011

    I drive my Boxster to work and to the track. I take my family in my 911. Wonderfully usable daily cars - the only gripe is efficiency - but frankly, we're talking a few extra hundred dollars per year vs a regular sedan.