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Mahindra & Mahindra’s abortive plans to bring its rugged diesel-powered pickups to the US have garnered quite a cult following here at TTAC.  We follow the impending coming of M&M religiously. And now we demand license fees for the continuously coming cult car.

M&M has taken the cult concept to heart.

“We want to be India’s first global cult brand,” Anand Mahindra told Automotive News [sub]. They want to do that with the help of Korea’s Ssangyong which M&M bought on the cheap after it had been abandoned by China’s SAIC.  This had caused a minor civil war around the Korean plant. Says AN:

“The company switched owners four times, faced bankruptcy and suffered one of the most violent strikes in modern Korean history in 2009. Workers in that clash took control of a plant for almost three months, using iron pipes and Molotov cocktails to battle air and land police commandos armed with tear gas and water cannons.”

How the cult will come together is anybody’s guess. The article is long on to which schools  Anand Mahindra went, and that he is an avid Twitterer, but it lacks specifics of the coming cult.

Take it from someone who’s been there, Mahindra: The only cult that counts in the business is the cult of the golden calf  by the name of sales & profits.

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18 Comments on “Step Aside, Maharishi: The Mahindra & Mahindra Cult Is Coming!...”

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    Edit: Korean pant / plant

    Don’t they have to sell some trucks to be a cult?

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    So it sounds like the Maharishi and George Harrison will team up to save Saab, and every American household will finally get to own the manual transmission rear-wheel drive turbodiesel station wagons of their dreams, which they would have bought already were it not for CARB. Or something like that.

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    Cult following will only carry them so far. They have to have HARDWARE – and so far, the only thing I have heard about M&M is that it’s typical Third World junk.

    Their inability to make it into the American market supports this; that their engineering people have had trouble meeting American standards. Which tells us…they have TROUBLE. Getting things done; or done right.

    Do we need another Yugo?

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      “They have to have HARDWARE – and so far, the only thing I have heard about M&M is that it’s typical Third World junk.”

      I agree about the hardware. But, it seems to me that any vehicle that is tough and repairable enough to survive in the 3rd world ought to have an easy time of it here in the 1st world.

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        “…survive in the 3rd world ought to have an easy time of it here in the 1st world.”

        Is this country still considered “first world”?

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        Expectations are lower in the Third World; and recourses more limited.

        Was the Yugo tough? The Lada, was IT tough? Those are the kinds of cars offered in the Third World. We know from experience that Yugos decomposed rapidly in the manner of Chinese firecrackers…not even any way to keep on top of the multiple failures. Lada tried to crack the Canadian market and failed miserably

        And unless they find a way to change their whole approach to auto assembly, M&M with its products will become the next Yugo.

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    Mahindra makes well regarded tractors and sells them in the USA. I was looking forward to them bringing that ugly little diesel pickup here, if only to spur other manufacturers into doing the same. But after years of teasing the whole thing fell apart. Now I don’t take them seriously.

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    It’s not the first time that a purveyor of automotive vaporware has decided to exaggerate claims about a non-existent product. Witness Toyota and the nonexistant FT-86, or FR-S, or whatever it’s supposedly called.

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    Educator(of teachers)Dan

    “Oh, what a loon I am. Oh, I’m a loon.” – Shirley McLoon

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      First “Tiny Toon Adventures” quote on TTAC?

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        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        Given how nuts it’s getting around here with the name calling and bashing of politics, religion, and race perhaps we need quotes from (the closely related to Tiny Toons) Animaniacs?

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        Nah, just “Loony Tunes” will more than suffice!

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        @EdDan: “What are we going to do tonight, Brain?”

        Just thought I’d oblige from what little I can remember watching the Animaniacs when my kids were little. 20 years ago. Those were funny toons for the times. Or maybe all of the solvents I was using back then clouded my judgment…

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        Educator(of teachers)Dan

        Dot: I found Prince! [She is carrying Prince, the pop music artist]
        Yakko: No, no, no. Fingerprints!
        Dot: [Considers for a moment] I don’t think so. [She throws Prince out of the window]

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        Edward used “Helllllllo, Nurse!” on a Versa Turbo photo.

        I’m still waiting for somebody to paraphrase Baby Plucky on a poorly performing automaker.

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    Dave M.

    I just noticed Yoko’s voice on the recording; the pictures had Cynthia in them. My, my Lennon cut it mighty close…..

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