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Colliers International has come out with its 2011 parking survey results for North America [PDF] and the world [PDF], and you might be surprised by what people pay on average to let their car sit somewhere. The global expensive parking crown (on a monthly basis) goes to London’s West End, which runs a cool $1,014 per month… by comparison, the US average is $155.22 per month. On a daily basis, Copenhagen takes the cake with $73.11, with the highest daily rate in the US coming to $41 per day in Midtown Manhattan. Puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

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    Wally Vance

    St. Louis, MS??

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    Not surprised to see Chicago high on the list. King Richard Daley privatized the parking meters to fuel his stupid bid for the Olympics and street rates have been (and will continue) escalating.

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    No shock to see Seattle at number six. Despite having a joke of a light rail system, competing bus systems in absolute financial crisis, some of the worst gridlock in the United States, and no stomach for effective public transit initatives, it remains ground zero on the war against the car in the United States. Mayor McGinn continues to put the screws on the citizens of Seattle with short sighted policies like creating the highest street parking rates in the nation at $1 per 15 minutes (take that Manhattan). These policies hurt small business and the service workers that man them the most.

    At least New York, Boston, and Philadelphia offer multiple outstanding public transit alternatives, and to a lesser extent San Francisco. Despite being an enthusiast if I lived in the cores of NYC, Boston or Philly, I wouldn’t own a car; there really isn’t much of a need.

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    I live in the core of NYC, and I own a car. The ICON garages have a nice deal – if you’re a monthly, they give you 50% of daily parking at any of their other garages in the city. So I pay about $375 in midtown for monthly, and about $12 a day at my office. The monthly subway in NYC is much cheaper – $110 or so a month for the unlimited card.

    However, my commute by car is 30 minutes in the morning, 20 in the evening. By subway, it’s at least 45 minutes. Add the people congestion and the extreme heat in the summer and horrible walking weather in the winter, and I think it balances it out. I did the subway for 5 years, I’ve had enough of that. Plus, I no longer am required to fly or take the train whenver I want to take a trip with the wife (so that saves about $400 every 2 months or so) and we can leave Manhattan whenever we feel like it.

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      Every now and again I think about how cool it would be to live in NYC. I’d love being able to see all of the new Broadway shows as they open, have every variety of ethnic restaurant at my fingertips with many open late into the night, have access to a world class symphony and opera, and see real snow again.

      Then the economic reality of life in NYC sets in. Between your midtown rate and your daily office rate, your monthly parking bill comes within a hair of my mortgage on a 4 bedroom house down here in FL. As much as it costs to rent an apartment in the city, it’s amazing that anyone has money left over to not only buy a car, but to pay for the sky-high parking rates and the insurance, which I’m sure isn’t cheap in the middle of NYC either.

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        It’s all relative. If I were to transfer to my company’s Tampa office, I’d take a big pay cut which would cancel out the cost of living savings.

        Car insurance really isn’t that bad. Aside from the garage expense (which equals my car payment), it’s not that much more expensive to own a car here.

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        The symphony is awesome. We have two great concert halls, Carnegie and Avery Fisher. The Avery Fisher is home to the NY Philharmonic, truly one of the world’s greatest orchestras. But I prefer Carnegie Hall, it’s magnificent in a late 19th century way. You feel really special sitting in a red velour seat with the music washing over you.

        And when you’re hungry at 4AM, the Pakistani Tea House on Church (a few blocks north of the World Trade Center) serves up an awesome plate of Chicken Tikka with curried mixed vegetables and fresh Nan bread.

        These are some of the reasons why I live here. It’s tough on cars, however. My alignment bills are considerable.

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      When I lived in the city (5 years ago) I paid $230 a month to park in my building garage. Parking (and rent) was subsidized by my employer so it was a great deal. Oh, and there was a $25 “tip” to the garage guys so I could park it myself and never get blocked in. What a racket!

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    Joshua Johnson

    As a parking professional throughout college and now part-time on weekends, I feel insulted that Colliers did not include Minneapolis/St. Paul in the survey. Monthly parking ranges from $60 on the outskirts to $250+ in the heart of downtown, for an average of $125-150/month. Daily rates range from $4 to $40, say an average of $12.

    There are multiple smaller locales on the list (Greenville, Boise); and Vegas, no one in their right mind pays for parking in Vegas. Additionally, the survey over represents California cities.

    /end rant – That was just the financial analyst in me speaking.

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    NYC’s parking costs are disgusting. I just go through paying $35 at NYU hospital for “up to 3 hours” because I missed “up to 2 hours” by just 15 minutes – which cost me $8 more.

    Once, I took a girl on a date to Ruby Foos and the food cost $36 while the parking costs roughly $30.

    What’s really annoying is if you have an “oversized car”. If you’ve got a Hyundai Sonata, Ford Fusion or other car the same size, you get charged one price, but, a Chrysler 300, Jaguar XJ or S550 costs you an extra $10 or so.

    This city treats you like crap – unless you are so rich it doesn’t matter to you.

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    I love NYC, I live here for the last 22 years, I do use my car to get to work but thankfully it’s paid by my office, $475 +18% tax.
    The good thing about NYC that the city invites you to come with your car after 6pm, there are many 6 hour meters right on Broadway and you can park on almost any street below 60th after 6 or 7pm, these are places you can forget about even standing during business hours, most are “no parking 8am to 6pm” or saved for commercial vehicles from 7am to 7pm, it’s free after those hours and during the weekend.

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    I wonder why they didn’t include more cities. The city (Evanston, IL — borders chicago on the north) garages here are $80/mo but I get it taken out pre-tax. The building parking is $130/month.

    I consider $80/mo pre-tax dirt cheap as parking at the train is $2 a day + $5ea way in. I live in a non-walkable community so I have to have a car anyhow. On top of it, if I took public transport my commute would go from 45-50 minutes each way to 45-50 minutes on the train + a 20-30 minute drive….

    If I’m willing to park on the city garage roof (and have a burning hot car in summer, and snowed in car in winter) I can do it for $55/mo pre-tax.

    I’m also surprised Brazil wasn’t mentioned. Even in my wife’s city if you go to the mall it costs 4+ reais to park (OUTSIDE of sao paulo city) for just a few hours….4 reais is currently about $2-3…or about $1-$1.50/hour. I guess in a country which has a yearly car registration for newer cars at $1000/year (reais), it doesn’t matter much. Perhaps our Brazilian article contributor (haven’t seen him around in a while….?) can comment more on the parking situation in SP city and Rio and perhaps Brasilia…?

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    Actually, I find the more expensive street parking in cities like DC useful. It drives long-term parkers, local residents, and store employees into garages or off main streets, and leaves an occasional street space for the rest of us.

    The cruise endlessly for a $1.25 street space or pay $10+ in a garage is a dumb choice. I’ve found a couple of paid street spaces in DC over the past year that I never would have found with the old system. Think I paid $3 for the last one.

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    I just don’t get it. I’ll pay between $5-$15 to park for a pro sports game once or twice a year, but I can’t recall any other instance of paying to park.

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