Let's Celebrate HyperFest With These Great Summit Point Crash Vids

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth

This weekend is HYPERFEST, the all-purpose race/drift/time trial/bikini contest/public vomiting/two-hour wait for parking enjoyed by everyone insane enough to visit Summit Point in the middle of the summer. I didn’t make it out, although my occasional teammate Angelo Dinkov set a lap record two days running in the course of winning the hell out of his races. Chances are you didn’t make it, either. So let’s kick back, relax and watch as “Mr. Shufflef**kitupagus”, above, and a whole (Formula SCCA Regional) grid’s worth of Hyperfest and Summit crashers liven up your Father’s Day!

Ouch! Luckily we were wearing a $4.99 foam collar!

The embedding is disabled, but… let’s put our heads together on this!

Let’s see what the Duke boys have been up to. That’s right! They are racing Miatas!

Over the gravel and INTO THE TREES!

The driver of this Mustang has CONCRETE EVIDENCE of the crash!

I mean yeah, this guy isn’t exactly Senna, what with the “can’t find the gearshift or operate the clutch” bit, but you didn’t have to RAM HIM!

This Miata driver has seen clouds from BOTH SIDES NOW!

Finally, a wreck of a different sort: last years “Daisy Dukes Competition”

That’s all folks! See you out there!

Jack Baruth
Jack Baruth

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